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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Types of tourists to avoid while travelling

We all love travelling. And when we get to that destination we dream of, we always see tourists. Usually the same kind. And if it's in a European city, you can usually spot the American ones pretty easily. They'll take pictures of virtually everything and stand out like sore thumbs. Now, while I admit, I am probably one of those kinds of people who would take pictures of virtually everything, I would try and blend in with the locals. Like the old saying goes "When in Rome, do as the Romans do". Or in my case, when in London, do as the Brits do. :D Here are some of the typical tourists you might encounter on vacation

1. The one who always loses her luggage
2. The one who turns into a photographer when visiting Times Square
3. The just-want-to-get-high people
4. The couch surfer, who wants to get over his/her jet lag
5. Visiting distant family and becoming bored
6. The culinary junkies who want to eat as the locals do
-If I visit anywhere outside the US, I want to eat as the locals do!!
7. The golden couple who have seen it all and done it all...together
8. The honeymooning couple are so in love it makes you sick, especially if they start doing that baby talk and giving each other nicknames like Honey, Baby, Sweetie Pie, etc
9. The one who thinks he/she can speak the language, but comes off as an idiot
-I will avoid this by making sure I'm fully fluent in the language!
10. The middle aged or senior aged tourist who thinks they can still do what they did when they were young
11. The worn out family with screaming children
12. The one who ends up lost
13. The one who always manages to get sick during vacation
-This was me on my family's first trip to Mexico. All because I forgot to drink enough bottled water, I get heatstroke!
14. The ones who want to argue a price on something
15. The party animals
16. The shopaholics
17. The ones seeking a spiritual rebirth
18. The ones who think they have spiritually reborn but are really just bored
19. The tourist groups
20. The tourist who wants to see everything
-I have no shame in admitting that, yeah, I will probably end up being one of these, lol. But, it's only because I don't know if I'll ever visit that place again
21. The workaholics who just can't stop

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