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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Trendy tattoos

Who ever thought a tattoo could be trendy? Apparently the people at Tattoo Artist Magazine think tattoos can be trendy

Tribal art
-This is one of the more popular types of tattoos. They include tribal arm bands and leg bands, which wrap around the arm or leg. It's simple in design; the lines are bold and curvy, with only black as the color. They are good on the body, as they follow the way the body moves
-This is a very intricate type of tattoo. This is usually the most difficult type to do as most artists can't do it justice and if they can, it's not gonna be cheap. Most of the time, when someone wants a portrait, it's a very therapeutic process, meaning that the portrait they are getting is of someone very near and dear to them, like a mother/father, husband/wife, loved pet. And also, people like getting celebs tattooed on them for some strange reason
Script designs
-This usually refers to some type of writing, whether it be a quote from the Bible or another holy book, a quote with a strong meaning, a person's name, etc. Also, related to this, are tattoos in foreign languages, such as Chinese/Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, etc. These types of tattoos can honor the subject of the artwork or serve as a memorial. They can even show how proud that person is of their heritage

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