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Saturday, April 4, 2015

10 things to know before dating an old soul

Like the previous post suggested, old souls are people who are mature beyond their years. Here are some tips for dating an old soul

1. We like dating the normal way
-Face to face contact is much more preferred than online dating. It's just easier that way

2. We talk out our thoughts
-We go in-depth about a lot. This is not strange, but we trust you with our thoughts

3. We enjoy spending time with you
-old souls love hearing about the life stories of those around them

4. We like our personal space
-Old souls are generally, as a rule, introverted. If you think we are standoffish, don't think that. We're thinking of you, very deeply in fact

5. We tell the truth...brutally sometimes
-We look out for those we love and care about. We just want to give you the best possible advice and look out for your best interests

6. It's okay to ask us for advice
-Old souls are compassionate people. You need not worry about being shy or embarrassed about coming to an old soul for advice

7. Confrontation is the dreaded enemy
-Confronting the problem is usually the solution. We dread and hate the idea of arguing with someone, so we will avoid it at all costs

8. Say what you mean
-Deep thinking is a top notch feature of old souls. Even if the truth is harsh, just be honest. Like the old saying, honesty is the best policy

9. We have a serious passion for the past
-Old souls feel out of place in their current dimension. Old souls will often channel a certain time period for various reasons, such as style of clothing, pop culture, history, etc. So don't think that person is weird for wearing 1950s inspired clothing or pulling out a record player and slapping With the Beatles on it. We feel like we'd be happier in a time period other than our own. And if there was a chance to go back in time, you can bet dollars to donuts we'd be the first in line

10. Our view of romance is way different than those around us
-Old souls find pleasure in the simple things, such as making soup for someone who's sick or taking a sunset stroll through the park. We like love simple and meaningful

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