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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Grade School Flashbacks

This ought to give you some flashbacks to elementary school. For me, some of these are so true!

1. Shooting up lead
-Using those refillable lead pencils to make it look like you're shooting up

2. The most incredibly stressful two minutes of your life
-For me, yes! Math was the one class in school I never managed to get an A+ in. Maybe a 72%, but hey, it's passing!
3. The best dessert in terms of a school lunch
-We never got this!
4. The sweet smell of markers
-Oh yes, the sweet smell of markers
5. The world's worst erasers
-I lost these things on a daily basis
6. Doing this on any type of drawing surface
-My classmates did this
7. The myth that the blue part erased ink
-Tried it, does not work!
8. Trying to push all four pins down at the same time
9. You know the day would be awesome when you see a TV on a cart in the classroom
-My only thought: NO SCHOOLWORK!

10. Playing hide from the wasps on the playground
-While I never got stung by wasps, my sister was not so lucky. In kindergarten, she was stung by a wasp and one of her teachers had the audacity to grab her roughly by the arm, coincidentally where she was stung by the wasp, and roughly dragged to the nurses' office, all the while practically ripping my sister's arm off!
11. Pizza in its original form: square
-It was okay as long as the lunch ladies didn't get their hair on it
12. Trying to play what the teachers call music, by playing the recorder, but instead sounding like crap

13. You knew it would be a good day in gym class when the teacher breaks out these
-Yup. Just have to watch your fingers
14. When the sound of the class talking all at once suddenly overpowers the sound of the teacher talking
-I somehow always got put into the classes where the teacher did this. And ironically enough, this guy looks a lot like my 11th grade earth science teacher. God, I hated that a**hole.
15. Trying to spell things on calculators
16. The best day of the year and driving your parents bonkers asking for money
-Yup. For me, instead of begging, I saved up and got something
17. Doing this in gym class
18. Marker-sword fighting
19. Eating brownies
-Sweet chocolate heaven!
20. Killing time doing this and creating the next masterpiece
-Doing this in class when I was supposed to be paying attention...
21. Fighting intergalactic evil with math
-I hated math, but loved this. Talk about define irony...
22. Computers in every color
-Hahahahaha. We had one option: white
23. Impromptu sword fights
-Never did this. I would get in trouble!
24. Dropping this and having your valuables explode out
25. Suddenly being the loudest person in the room, other than the chatty Cathy's in the room
26. Markers with stamps
-If you had these, you were probably popular with your freeloading classmates
27. Challenging your brain
28. Losing the tip and making these useless
29. Learning math...with blocks!
30. In the days before text messaging
31. Trying to become the next Da Vinci, Van Gogh or Michelangelo on Paint
32. Four beautiful words in the English language: Heads down, thumbs up
-IDK what this means!

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