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Tuesday, April 28, 2015


-Deak DaSilva and Matthew Fox are both NYPD officers who are transferred to a special anti-terror unit. They both must stop an international terrorist who has just arrived in New York, looking to cause chaos

-Sylvester Stallone: Deak DaSilva
-Billy Dee Williams: Sgt. Matthew Fox
-Lindsay Wagner: Irene
-Persis Khambatta: Shakka Holland
-Rutger Hauer: Heymar "Wulfgar" Reinhardt
-Nigel Davenport: Peter Hartman

Did You Know?
-The song "I'm a Man" by Chicago is a favorite song of Stallone's and he used that as the track in the disco where Deak DaSilva recognizes Wulfgar
-The department store scene was filmed in London, England
-When the posters for this movie came out, it was described as being a cross between 1973's Serpico and 1973's The Day of the Jackal
-The cable car seen in the movie is the famous Roosevelt Island tram
-This is the first movie where Sylvester Stallone is seen in 'drag' in one scene
-This is the first theatrical movie where Stallone plays a cop. He would play a police officer later in 1987's Tango & Cash
-The title of the movie refers to the men and women street cops of New York City Crime Unit who patrol the city at night
-Sylvester Stallone has facial hair throughout the entire movie while Rutger Hauer only has facial hair early in the movie

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