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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Judge Dredd

Judge Dredd
-In the year 2139, Earth is now a desolate, war-ridden world called the Cursed Earth. All of the people on Earth have crowded into major cities deemed Mega Cities. Because of the vast majority of crime and violence, a normal justice system is useless. In this futuristic society, three justice systems are combined to form the Judges- judge, jury and executioner. One of the most strict Judges in Mega City One, Judge Joseph Dredd, is one day framed for murder and sentenced to life in prison unless he can find out who is framing him

-Sylvester Stallone: Judge Joseph Dredd
-Armand Assante: Rico
-Rob Schneider: Herman 'Fergee' Ferguson
-Jurgen Prochnow: Judge Griffin
-Max von Sydow: Chief Justice Fargo
-Diane Lane: Judge Hershey
-Joanna Miles: Judge Evelyn McGruder
-Joan Chen: Dr. Ilsa Hayden
-Peter Marinker: Judge Carlos Esposito

Did You Know?
-The scene where Fergie mocks Dredd was improvised. It ended up being so funny that Rob Schneider made fun of the way Sylvester Stallone talked that it was kept in the movie
-Welsh rock band Manic Street Preachers were supposed to have a song in the film, called "Judge Yr'self". But after one of the band members disappeared, it was scrapped. In 2003, they finally released the song
-The costumes for this movie were designed by famous Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani
-Sylvester Stallone had never heard of the character until he was offered the role
-The movie is based on a popular and long running British comic book character who first appeared in 2000 AD
-Director Danny Cannon fought hard to have the movie filmed in England. Not because England is the home of the character Judge Dredd, but because of the high level of film technology and film technicians in the UK


[after Dredd has been found guilty and sentenced to life, he is transported with other convicts in a shuttle to Aspen prison. Fergee, who sits next to Dredd, is rather surprised to see him]
Fergee: Dredd?
[Dredd grabs Fergee's hand, shushing him - but a prisoner who sits behind Dredd, who has ugly scar on his right cheek, hears that]
Fergee: Don't hit me. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Don't hurt me.
[Dredd lets go of Fergee's hand. The scarred prisoner bends forward, eavesdropping]
Fergee: [whispers] What are you doing here?
Judge Dredd: I was convicted of a crime. Wrongly convicted.
Fergee: [chuckles] Really? That's kinda weird! What are the odds? Two wrongly convicted guys sitting right next to each other?
Judge Dredd: You received the sentence the law required.
Fergee: [angrily] Five years? Just for saving my own ass? That was a mistake!
Judge Dredd: The law doesn't make mistakes.
Fergee: Really? Then how do you explain what happened to YOU?
[Dredd looks at Fergee. He has no answer]
Fergee: You can't, can you? Great. Mr. "I am the law" can't!
[the scarred prisoner draws a pocketknife from his right sock. The prisoners sitting next to him notice that, but say nothing. Using the knife, the scarred prisoner starts unlocking the metal framework which restrains him to his seat]
Fergee: So maybe this is some kind of typo. Maybe it's a glitch. Or maybe it's poetic justice!
[meanwhile, the shuttle is spotted by several lawless inhabitants of the Cursed Earth - the Angel gang]
Junior Angel: Shuttle comin'! Shuttle! Shuttle! Shuttle comin', Pa! Look!
[Pa and Link Angel approach. Junior points at the shuttle]
Pa Angel: Praise the Lord for bringing us this generous bounty. My sons... gather the harvest!
[Junior and Link rush to bring weapons]

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