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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Things to know about tattoos

Before you rush off to the nearest tattoo parlor, it's good to know a thing or two about tattoos
1. Tattoo machine
-There are four basic parts: Needle, tube for ink, electric motor (usually operated with a foot pedal) and a foot pedal

2. Allergic reaction
-Sometimes people might be allergic to some chemical in the ink used. Know your medical history before running off to go under the needle. Know what you're allergic to and what you're not allergic to

3. The tattoo doesn't age, but your skin does
-One thing to keep in mind. As you age, so does your tattoo. As you get older, your tattoo will fade due to the aging process and exposure to sun

4. Temporary tattoos have risks
-The FDA advised the public to be wary of the ink used for temporary tattoos. These "henna" tattoos use black ink that contain a chemical called PDD which can cause scarring

5. Don't judge the quality of all tattoos based on one tattoo
-If someone gets one horrible tattoo, they will most likely have second thoughts about getting another one. Keep in mind that the experience of the tattoo artist as well as quality of ink used factor in this

6. Tattoos give off a certain image
-Despite the fact that tattoos were once the mark of sailors and criminals, they are very fashionable nowadays and very common. A lot of people out there will have at least one tattoo. Some places od employment do not approve of employees having tattoos and will ask them to cover them up. Location is key in considering a tattoo. A good example would be not placing a tattoo on your throat where it will be visible 24 hours a day. More typical areas for tattoos are the arms, chest, legs, back

7. Tattoos can say a lot about you
-This is a unique way of telling the world who you are. This is something that is permanent and can't be washed off with soap and water. Getting a tattoo requires a lot of thoughtful consideration!

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