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Friday, April 24, 2015

Death Race 2000

Death Race 2000
-In the future, the ultimate sport is racing. It's a new type of racing called the deathrace. The racers get points for mowing people down with their cars as they drive fast across the country. A government agency is trying to end the death race and to do so, have sent in an undercover agent

-David Carradine: Frankenstein
-Simon Griffeth: Annie Smith
-Sylvester Stallone: "Machine Gun" Joe Viterbo
-Mary Woronov: Calamity Jane
-Roberta Collins: Matilda the Hun
-Martin Kove: Nero the Hero

Did You Know?
-The film is set in 2000
-This would not be the only time Sylvester Stallone drives a race car. He would later play a race car driver in the 2001 film Driven
-The opening sequence was filmed on an actual raceway between races
-The racetrack used for the grandstand scenes and opening track was the Ontario Motor Speedway near Los Angeles

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