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Friday, March 27, 2015

10 things that only seem "normal" to tattooed people

If you have at least one tattoo, then some of this will seem like every day nature. To those who aren't tattooed, this will seem weird. Here are some things that only seem "normal" to tattooed people.
Buy clothes to complement/show off new ink
-I mean, who doesn't want to show off that brand new ink? I know I'm itching to show mine off!

Follows more tattoo artists than celebrities on Instagram
-This is always a good thing. If you follow more tattoo artists, there's your research for your next tattoo artist right there! I know for a fact that on Facebook, I'm friends with the guy who did my tattoo

Have a seemingly inordinate amount of scent-free lotion/aftercare for when they get their next tattoo
-It's always good to stock up. This stuff becomes your friend after your tattoo, especially when it starts itching and peeling, lol. Which is a sure clear sign your tattoo is on it's way to healing!!!
-That reminds me. I need to get another bottle of lotion. Between my leg tattoo and my sister's flamingo mural tattoo, we're both sucking down the lotion, lmao!!!!

Travel long distances for one tattoo session and then travel back home
-Never done this!

You schedule tattoo appointments months to years in advance
-For some people, scheduling tattoo appointments is almost as important to them as scheduling doctor appointments. For this part, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers couldn't have said it better: The waiting is the hardest part!

Even in winter, you walk around in summer clothes to show off new ink
-I'm not that crazy yet!! It's cold out!

Get paranoid over spellcheck no matter how many times you checked it
-This is why I don't get word or phrase tattoos

Always on the lookout for the perfect 8 letter word or phrase
-I would never tattoo my hands

Wear long pants/sleeves in summer or ridiculously high SPF sunscreen just to cover tattoos from over exposure to the sun
Willing to sit for hours while someone tattoos you
-Hey, that's the price you pay for beauty...

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