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Thursday, March 5, 2015

How not to be a jerk at a tattoo parlor

We all may have been in those positions where we want a tattoo and go to a shop for the first time, unsure of what to expect. We try to be on our best behavior and sometimes it works good and other people may not act on their best behavior. And then, over time, you start befriending those artists. Here's how not to be a jerk at the tattoo shop

1. Know what you want
-Tattoo artists are not mind readers. These men and women are putting their awesome art skills to work tattooing people every second of every day. And they won't be able to figure out what you want on your body without you. Before making a consultation, think about what you want. Because once they start tattooing, they can't stop. Don't bring in a picture and expect them to copy it perfectly. Instead, bring that picture in and say that you want something inspired by it. Like for example, when I scheduled my next tattoo session, I brought in pictures of Japanese geisha, Mount Fujiyama and Japanese cherry blossom trees. I told one of the artists that I want to get something inspired by this and I am very flexible with what you can come up with.

2. Be flexible
-Don't come in with a set in stone idea of what you want. Sometimes when you suggest what you want, that artist can come up with something that may be even better than what you dreamed of. They may ask you what you are inspired by and they may contact you by email with images that they have running in their head, asking if this is something that you like. If they suggest that something can't be done, just work with them to find another solution. They only want to do one thing- give you a tattoo to be proud of

3. Don't haggle the price
-Okay, we all know that a tattoo is a somewhat pricey investment. You do not and I mean DO NOT want to haggle on the price. If you can't afford a tattoo at the current time, do not get one. Your artist is only doing their job by putting a piece of permanent art on you and you'll most likely piss off that artist by saying you can get it cheaper elsewhere.

4. Be clean/smell good/eat beforehand/don't be under the influence of drugs or alcohol
-Drugs/alcohol can affect the blood. Not to mention, most artists will not tattoo you under the influence, since those things can affect judgement. Since you'll be in close proximity to your artist for a while, it helps to make sure you smell good. But don't overdo it on the Axe or perfume. Sometimes artists may be asthmatic or allergic to certain scents and it may irritate their sinuses. Before getting a tattoo, eat something, even if it's a cookie. Having something in your stomach will help you handle the physically demanding work of sitting through a tattoo. Plus, it will keep you from feeling light headed or dizzy

5. Leave the entourage at home
-Most tattoo parlors will only allow one person to go back with you when getting a tattoo. Mostly because, depending on the size of the shop, they are working in confined spaces. If you bring multiple people, it can be both annoying and distracting to the artist

6. Tip
-Tip your artist. Sometimes when paying for your session, you can include it in the price. A relationship between a person and a tattoo artist is special; tipping them as such shows you care

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