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Friday, March 13, 2015

This is too awesome!!

Paul Stanley visits a little girl in the hospital who was born with the same birth defect he suffered from.
For any fans of Kiss, if you are especially a fan of Paul Stanley, then more than likely, you may have read his 2014 memoir, Face the Music: A Life Exposed. If so, then you'll know that Paul Stanley was born with a rare birth defect called microtia, which affects the development of the ears and depending on the level of severity, also affects hearing. In his case, he was born with grade 3 unilateral microtia, meaning he was essentially born without a right ear. And 30 years later, he had reconstructive surgery to fix it. He supports a charity called AboutFace, which helps kids with facial differences and most recently, he made an extra special trip to a hospital in L.A. to visit a girl fresh from reconstructive surgery

Four year old Arabella Carter is from Canada and traveled to L.A. last week for reconstructive surgery. Stanley visited her in the hospital to see how she was doing. He is currently working with a charity called Mending Kids, which helps to raise money for kids who need reconstructive surgery for facial differences. Stanley said in a CNN interview a few years ago "I’ve had an implanted hearing aid for years now. This is a device that is usually given to children at an early age or to adults who have lost their hearing due to a medical condition. This has been an ongoing adjustment for me as my brain has never processed sound coming in from my right side."

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