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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The magical hands of tattoo artists

Eventually, everyone may want to get a tattoo. Why not? If done correctly, they can be beautiful works of art that truly express our personality. If you notice me doing a few posts on tattoos, the history of this stuff is starting to fascinate me a lot. And plus, there are so many intricate, beautiful designs out there

There are some things you might need to know. Each artist has a specific talent for certain types of tattoos. Some specialize in cultural tattoos, others may specialize in black and white or portraits. So here are a few tips of helpful advice:
  • Hire a professional artist
  • Make sure you have an idea of what you want to get
  • Be flexible. Do not come in with a rigid idea of what you want. Be flexible. If something doesn't work out, make a suggestion of something else that suits what you want
Each artist, like I said, has his/her own unique style. Almost like a trademark, this artist's unique style is like their calling card, something they can be known for.

Chaim Machlev
-Berlin, Germany
-He's known for dots-to-lines. His black ink designs are mysterious and yet very intricate.
Anil Gupta
-Known for his dead on realistic portraits. His portraits almost look like real photos. He also masters in abstract tattoo designs and tribal pieces
Paul Booth
-His designs center around heavy metal, Gothic, industrial music. He's the go-to guy for rockers with that itch for a new tattoo. He specializes in Gothic and realistic horror pieces in grayscale
Alice Carrier
-Portland, Oregon
-Her designs are mostly based on nature. They are so amazing they look as though they could be ripped from a book
Ien Levin
-Kiev, Ukraine
-Black ink is his medium. Despite his drawings being very intricate, they have an underlying macabre feel to it, making you think at once of a horror movie with a little romance mixed in
Kenji Alucky
-Hokkaido, Japan
-Known for his dotting technique, called stippling. Like the first artist, Machlev, his designs are tribal or geometric

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