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Monday, March 9, 2015

Some newly discovered songs

As I always say, I'm always listening to new music and songs by artists that I already listen to but haven't heard. The good thing about playing pool on Saturday nights in my basement is you can play your CDs and hear how different they sound on the stereo compared to MP3. Here are some new songs I discovered by some of my favorite artists

Judas Priest-Locked In
-The beginning of this is pretty cool. It shows the guys in the band looking through binoculars and I have to say, Glenn Tipton has nice hips and legs in this video ;) After watching it, I'm starting to think this video might be like a conclusion from the "Turbo Lover" video, because of the robots. And there's another part in the video where K.K. Downing gets Rob Halford out of this swinging contraption and he has this completely dazed look on his face and K.K. slaps him and Rob gets this look on his face that almost says "What happened?" It's sort of comical
-This song is totally awesome and now, because of me listening to it, I'm now planning on buying the album it's originally from, Turbo, which a lot of people don't like. I actually like it; a lot of good songs on it!!!!! And besides, I gotta get ready for May!! When I see The Metal Gods in action!!!

Kiss-Psycho Circus
-This one is like an LSD nightmare!! Lots of flashing lights and colors. Don't watch if you're epileptic. This is the title track from their 1998 Psycho Circus album, where all four original members-Peter Criss, Ace, Frehley, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons- played together once more. This song is really good!!!
Black Sabbath-Headless Cross
-I love this song. It has a really creepy, haunting melody to it with just a touch of awesome 1980s-era metal. The guy who sings on this album, Tony Martin, sounds EXACTLY like Ronnie James Dio. And another album that Martin sings on, 1987's The Eternal Idol, is also good; it's on my Amazon Wishlist. Love every track!!!
Disturbed-Living After Midnight
-I heard this on the radio. I thought it was Judas Priest for a second, but I recognized the voice of David Draiman, the lead singer of Disturbed. I sort of became a fan of this band after hearing their mind-blowing version of Genesis' "Land of Confusion". This version and the original by Judas Priest are both my faves!!!!!

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