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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Most painful places to get tattooed

What are the most painful places to get tattooed? For those who have never been tattooed, they'll most likely say everywhere! But there are some spots on the body that are actually easy as cake to get tattooed and cause little or no pain. Then there are other spots. But the biggest thing in the world is this- it all comes down to how you handle pain. If you are not a fan of a little pain, then you may want to rethink getting inked. What I believe is that you can't have the pleasure of a tattoo without a little pain. Most tattoo parlors will talk to you through the session to keep you focused and most tattoo parlors have artists that are particularly sympathetic and kind to the first timers or "tattoo virgins" as they call them.

Easy spots
-So far, I'm getting ready to get my second tattoo. My first was on my left arm. It was a peace sign with a large daisy emerging from it. So far, I've noticed, and been told by the artists at the shop I go to, that your calves and arms are typically two of the easier spots to get tattoos

Now time for the tough spots

-The hands, fingers and knuckles are especially hard because the skin is thin and extremely boney. There are a lot of ligaments there in your hands, knuckles and fingers. So, keep this in mind when you get a tattoo, that the skin on your entire hand is thin. But, like I said and have been told, it all comes down to how you handle pain

-Typically people get tattoos on the top of their feet. Like the hands, the skin on the top of your feet tends to be thin as well. At first, it's okay. After a while, it's going to be like torture

-This tends to be the most awkward place to tattoo. Because of your elbow bending, it makes it slightly harder for the artist to do his/her work there. And plus, you might have to turn into a contortionist to make it easy for the artist. And swelling will be massive here

Back of the knees
-Many believe this is a 12 on a scale of 1-10 in terms of pain. Like the elbow, which is covered in thin, yet elastic skin, the back of the knee is gonna hurt!

Inner Arm
-As you probably notice, a lot of the most painful places to get tattooed are going to be areas on your body that have either a lack of muscle, a lot of bone or the skin is paper thin. Some describe the pain of an inner arm tattoo as a scratching burn and shader needles are gonna set those nerves inside your inner arm jumping

-God only knows why someone would want this! This will hurt, bottom line. Imagine razor burn, but only with a tattoo needle

-This can sometimes be painful. There is a massive percentage of bone and muscle in your chest. And it's been said that tattooing over bone is 20x more painful than over muscle.

-For those unfamiliar with medical terms, it's the breastbone, that hard bone in the center of your chest where your ribs meet up. This may not be pleasant

-Despite people's opinions of this not hurting, it may not be pleasant

-Tattooing over bone is, like I said above, 20x more painful than over muscle. If you're planning on doing a tattoo over your ribs, breaks are a must. Because of the gaps between ribs, the skin over the ribs being paper thin, you'll need 'em!

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