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Friday, March 27, 2015

20 Things Tattooed People Grow Quickly Tired of Hearing

For anyone who gets inked, they often hear the same questions. "Did it hurt?" "Can I touch it?" "How much did it cost?" Anyone who has been tattooed will know someone who will ask at least one of these questions, or all of them. Here are some things tattooed people grow tired of hearing!!

Here are some of the MOST ANNOYING things that people with tattoos hear frequently

1. Did it hurt?
-This is the most commonly asked question. Those who have never had a tattoo before will often ask it. My recommendation is ask someone who has tattoos. But they will often tell you that it all comes down to how you handle pain. If you panic at the thought of getting a shot at the doctors, it's no biggie because those needles go deep into the muscle. Getting a tattoo really doesn't hurt; trust me, I was there. I was nervous before getting my first tattoo. I had big time butterflies in my stomach. But, luckily for me, I had my sister there, who seems to be a pro at this, to get me through it and also I had some great artists surrounding me who would also guide me through it and reassure me and keep me thinking positive. They even say that every time they get a first time tattoo, or "tattoo virgin", as they're called, they ease the person into the tattoo and that person realizes, that it's not all that bad and doesn't hurt. And sometimes, those people end up realizing it's really fun to get tattooed, which is good for both the person and the artist. It's good for the artist because it makes it easier on them and they know what to expect. And in fact, tomorrow, I'm going for my second one, this one most likely to be bigger than my first.

2. Do you regret your tattoos?
-If you regret your tattoos, then there's a problem. I've always believed that you only live once. May as well do as much as you can before leaving this Earth.

3. What will you do about your tattoos once you get older?
-Technically, you have to be 18 to start getting tattoos, but if you're at least 16, with a parents' consent, you can get tattoos. Because, technically, my sister was only 17 when she got her first one, which was why my dad had to sign for her to get it. Tattoos can remind you of the things you did in your younger years

4. What do your parents think of your tattoos?
-Every parent is different. Some look at it like it's no big deal, others maybe not so much. My mom laughed at mine in a friendly way, saying "Now, you have no reason to deny that you're not a darn hippie". I've always heard that tattoos can reflect the personality of people. They can tell the world who and what that person is, what their passions are, important people in their life, their likes/interests/hobbies and much more.

5. What will your kids think?
-Most kids will probably think tattoos are the coolest thing ever! Kids are like the least judgemental people on Earth. They see tattoos and they think those are awesome!!

6. Are you in a band?
-Just because someone has a tattoo of something music related does not mean they are a musician. They could be a music teacher in a school or they work in a music-related field, such as mixing board technician, or they work in a music studio or they just really love their music!

7. Do you worry about being unemployed?
-According to national statistics, one of every five people has at least one tattoo. Most workplaces have the same general out look on tattoos: as long as their not offensive or you can cover them up, you're good. Some places just don't care about tattoos. You can show them off. But some places, like some law firms, for example, might have a slightly strict policy on covering up tattoos-not good for the professional image

8. Do you only date/hang out with people who have tattoos?
-Just because someone doesn't have a tattoo, it doesn't mean you can't hang out. Tattoos are not the most important thing in deciding friendship

9. But you look so nice without them!
-But now I look even better with them! The most important thing is what the wearer thinks!

10.  How will you hide them when you want to dress formally or for your wedding?
-Who says I'm gonna cover it up? I paid good money to show it off!!

11. What does that mean/Why did you get it?
-This is all too frequently asked. Tattoos can have personal meanings to people. If you do not know them, do not ask!

12. Did you only get it because of how it looks?
-Many people get tattoos because they like the work of a certain artist or simply how it looks

13. Is that real?
-No, I did this all with permanent marker! I do this every morning, idiot!

14. Can I touch it?
-Really? Did you seriously just ask this????? This is the WORST thing you can ask. This is like punching some random stranger in the face. When you first get a tattoo, it's healing, the skin is open, raw and still trying to heal. Any kind of bacteria can get in and cause infection and thus, mess it up. You spend your good money on good art and don't want some idiot messing it up!

15. How much did that cost?
-The rule of thumb for getting a tattoo is you get what you pay for. If you think a tattoo is going to cost way more than you ever dreamed of, then it's probably not a good idea to get a tattoo at the current time. Tattoos are a slightly costly yet good investment. What usually determines the cost of the tattoo is A.) the size, B.) the amount of detail used, C.) sometimes location, D.) sometimes the amount of color used. Tattoos are a beautiful investment that will last a lifetime, literally. You don't want shoddy work on your body!!

16. Do you have tattoos that are in hidden places?
-This is sort of along the lines of asking if you can touch a brand new tattoo or asking if it's real. If you have a tattoo in a very intimate spot, the person asking is going to be the LAST person on Earth to find out!

17. Want to see mine?
-If it's relevant to the current conversation, such as if someone heard you got a tattoo and they ask "can we see it?" then it's good to do that. Because they are most likely curious about what you got. My coworkers on Monday heard I got a tattoo over the weekend and they asked to see it, which I happily obliged. But when others ask to see your tattoo out of the blue, it might come off very rude

18. I've always wanted a tattoo, but I don't know what I want
-This is why it's always and I mean ALWAYS a good idea to sit down and think about it for a while. Because if you're getting a tattoo, you're going to have this on your body for the rest of your life. What I've been told and discovered makes it easier to decide on what tattoo to get is think about yourself for a second. What are your interests/passions/hobbies? Who are some important people in your life that are not pointless celebrities? What is your career path? What do you want out of life? Sometimes, your interests/passions/likes/hobbies make the best ideas for tattoos. Also, if you have a favorite animal, there you go. Just sit down for a second and think it out

19. Do you want to be a tattoo artist/You should be one
-Just because someone has multiple tattoos doesn't always mean they are planning on becoming an artist. No one becomes a tattoo artist at the drop of a hat. This is a career which requires a lot of dedication and exceedingly perfect art skills. Years of practice and perfection are required to master this particular skill set

20. Are you addicted to getting tattooed?
-A lot of people seem to think that more than one tattoo is an addiction. But, a lot of artists will joke around and say "addicted" to you as a way of joking. Certainly the artists at One Shot Tattoo, where I recently got my second one, joke around with me and my sister, saying "Addicted, addicted". But I know they're joking, lol. But, back to the topic at hand. People with multiple tattoos look at it as collecting. And sometimes tattooing can be highly therapeutic to some people, especially if they are getting the name of a husband/wife, mother/father or someone very near and dear to them tattooed. To them, it's like a healing session, to say that that person will always be with them, both physically and in their hearts, in which I respond, that is the sweetest thing ever!!!

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