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Monday, June 25, 2012

Ghost Whisperer

Ghost Whisperer
-American TV show dealing with the supernatural
-Premiered on Sept. 23, 2005
-Ended on May 21, 2010
-Follows Melinda Gordon(Jennifer Love Hewitt), who can see and communicate with ghosts. She is married and runs an antique shop

Did You Know?
-World famous psychic James Van Praagh is a consultant on the show

-Melinda Gordon is a woman who lives in the fictional town of Grandview, New York. She is able to see and communicate with ghosts. She lives with her husband Jim Clancy(David Conrad). She owns an antique shop called "Same As It Never Was Antiques." Ghosts will seek her out if they need to pass on a message, or complete a task before crossing over.

-Also stars Aisha Tyler as Andrea Marino, Melinda's best friend who runs the shop with her. During season 2, she meets Delia Banks(Camryn Manheim), a real estate agent who becomes friends with Melinda.

-Melinda also becomes friends with a professor at Rockland University.


Jennifer Love Hewitt
-Melinda Gordon
-Is able to see and talk to ghosts
-Married to a firefighter named Jim Clancy(David Conrad)

Jim Clancy
-David Conrad
-Melinda's husband
-Is a firefighter who becomes a paramedic

Camryn Manheim
-Delia Banks
-Real estate agent

Jay Mohr
-Rick Payne
-Professor at Rockland University


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