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Monday, June 25, 2012

My Favorite Hotties!

This post is about some of the guys I think are just hot, adorable, cute, handsome, whatever floats your boat!

Noah Wyle

He's my favorite one on ER. Whereas with the other 2 women in my life, my sister and mom, it's George Clooney!
Jamie Bamber

I'm kinda glad my dad found Law and Order:UK by mistake. This show is really good, I'm really getting into the show, it's awesome! And plus, he's cute with his blue eyes and cute accent!
Hugh Jackman

I adore his cute Aussie accent! Plus, he's one freakin awesome actor!
Richard Hammond

On Top Gear, he makes me laugh when him and the other two get into the most ridiculous conversations. Like one time, they all got into an argument about a type of bird called a magpie
Mick Jagger(Younger!)

He's an excellent entertainer. I respect him for his talent, but what I don't respect him for is his inability to stay faithful to one woman. He can't just have one woman, he has to have 5 or 6 or 10
Steven Tyler

He's cute, he's bizarre and he's an excellent entertainer as well. But, I really don't like the fact he was so hard into drugs. That could have killed him!
Joe Perry

He's cute too, but like Tyler, he was also into hard drugs. Thank God he's clean!
Jet Li

What I respect most about Jet Li is the fact he's willing to help others. When there was a massive earthquake in China, he was there to help. Now, seriously, that is what a celebrity SHOULD do with their time and money. Not spend it frivolously.
Alex O'Loughlin

He's hot! He has an especially cute Aussie accent too. I loved watching the show Moonlight because he was on it, and he was a vampire named Mick, too hilarious! I thought he was the cutest vampire I've ever seen! And I love him on Hawaii Five-O too, too cute!
Daniel Radcliffe

Saw him in Harry Potter. Thought he got cuter after the 4th one!
Will Yun Lee
He's a very handsome actor. Saw him on Hawaii Five-O, playing a Chinese Triad thug
Jim Sturgess

First seen him in Across the Universe. I thought the accent he used was fake, that he was an American actor. Turns out the accent was for real! He was really from England. But not from Liverpool, like in the movie, instead he's from London.
Raoul Bova

Italian-born, gorgeous from head to toe! Has dark, handsome eyes! Hot!
Federico Castelluccio

He's Italian-born, he paints and does art in his spare time. What's not to love?
Paul Stanley

He's an awesome guitarist! And who else can move around, playing guitar, under hot lights, wearing platform boots and spandex?

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