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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Italian Mobsters


Frank "Fingers" Abbandando Jr.
-Gambino family associate

Tony Accardo
-AKA Joe Batters, Big Tuna, boss of the Chicago Outfit

Joseph Aiuppa
-AKA Joey Doves, associated with the Chicago Outfit

Harry Aleman
-Got the name "Hook" from his boxing career in high school
-Was the most feared enforcer for the Chicago Outfit in the 1970s

Victor Amuso
-Boss of the Lucchese crime family from 1987-2012
-AKA Little Vic, The Terminator

Louis Attanasio
-Captain for the Bonanno crime family
-AKA "Ha Ha" because he laughed when he heard about a mobster dying

Thomas Bilotti
-AKA The Pitbull
-With the Gambino family

Joseph Bonanno
-AKA Joe Bananas, Don Peppino
-Sicilian born mob man who became the boss of the Bonanno family

Angelo Bruno
-AKA The Gentle Don
-Ran the Phildelphia crime family

Frank Calabrese Sr
-AKA Frankie Breeze, The Breeze
-Caporegime for the Chicago Outfit

Richard Cantarella
-AKA Shellackhead
-Caporegime for the Bonanno crime family

Alphonse "Scarface" Capone
-With the Chicago Outfit
-AKA Scarface, Big Al

Frank Carrone
-AKA Buzz, Buzzy
-Associate in the Gambino family
Anthony Casso
-AKA Gaspipe
-Underboss for the Gambino family

Paul Castellano
-AKA Big Paul
-Succeeded Carlo Gambino in the Gambino family

Dominic Cirillo
-AKA Quiet Dom
-High ranking member of the Genovese family

Michael Coppola
-AKA Trigger Mike
-Caporegime in the 116th Street Crew of the Genovese family

Anthony Corallo
-AKA Tony Ducks
-Boss of the Lucchese family

Sam DeCavalcante
-AKA Sam the Plumber
-Acting boss of the DeCavalcante family

Louis Daidone
-AKA Louie Bagels
-Former acting boss of the Lucchese family

Thomas DeSimone
-Joe Pesci's character Tommy DeVito in Goodfellas is based on DeSimone
-AKA  Tommy D, Two Gun Tommy
-Associate of the Lucchese crime family

Michael Franzese
-AKA The Yuppie Don
-Mobster with the Colombo crime family

Joe Gallo
-AKA Joe the Blonde, Crazy Joe
-Mobster for the Profaci crime family, later to be known as the Colombo crime family

Sam Giancana
-AKA Sam Flood
-Boss of Chicago Outfit

Vincent Gigante
-AKA The Chin, The Oddfather, Vinny
-Boss of the Genovese family from 1981-2005

John Gotti
-AKA "The Teflon Don" "The Dapper Don"
-Boss of Gambino family
He just looks like someone you really don't want to cross

Sammy Gravano
-AKA Sammy the Bull
-Underboss to the Gambino family

Joseph Iannuzzi
-AKA Joe Dogs, Joe Diner
-Gambino family associate who influenced events surrounding the death of Paul Castellano
Alphonse Indelicato
-AKA Sonny Red
-Caporegime in Bonanno crime family. Gained nickname Sonny Red because of a pair of bright red cowboy boots he always wore

Anthony Indelicato
-AKA Whack-Whack, Bruno
-Capo in Bonanno crime family

Carmine Lombardozzi
-AKA Alberto, The Doctor, The King of Wall Street
-Was the biggest earner for the Gambino family

Tommy Lucchese
-AKA Three Finger Brown
-Became the boss of the Lucchese crime family

Charles Luciano
-AKA Lucky
-Mobster born in Sicily and was the first official boss of the Genovese crime family

Stefano Magaddino
-AKA The Undertaker, Don Stefano, The Grand Old Man of La Cosa Nostra
-Became the boss of the Buffalo crime family in western New York
Salvatore Montagna
-AKA Sal the Iron Worker
-Was acting boss of the Bonanno crime family

Frank Nitti
-AKA The Enforcer
-One of Al Capone's top henchmen

Victor Orena
-AKA Little Vic
-Became temporary acting boss of the Colombo crime family. Posed with a challenge to boss Carmine Persico led to one of the bloodiest Mafia wars of the 20th century

Raymond Patriarca Jr.
-AKA Rubber Lips
-Became the head of the Patriarca crime family in 1984

Thomas Pitera
-AKA Tommy Karate
-Hitman for the Bonanno family
-Earned his nickname because of his use of karate and other martial arts when fighting

Angelo Ruggiero
-AKA Quack Quack
-Caporegime for the Gambino family and close friend of John Gotti

Benjamin Ruggiero
-AKA Lefty, Lefty Two Guns
-Soldier in the Bonanno crime family

Gregory Scarpa
-AKA The Grim Reaper
-Capo for the Colombo family

Nicodemo Scarfo
-AKA Little Nicky
-Boss of the Philadelphia crime family

Anthony Senter
-AKA The Gemini Twin, along with Joseph Testa
-Both were mobsters with the Lucchese crime family
Joseph Testa

Anthony Senter

Thomas Sinito
-AKA The Chinaman. Gained it through possibly having the qualities of a Chinese man: quiet, calm, disciplined, others say it's because his eyes look slanted, like an Asian's eyes
-Caporegime in the Cleveland crime family

Anthony Spilotro
-AKA Tony the Ant
-Enforcer for the Chicago Outfit

Michael Spilotro
-AKA Micky
-Brother of "Tony the Ant" Spilotro and associate of the Chicago Outfit

Anthony Strollo
-High ranking Capo of the Genovese crime family
-AKA Tony Bender
John Tronolone
-AKA Peanuts
-Succeeded James Licavoli as boss of the Cleveland crime family

Ronnie Trucchio
-AKA One Armed Ronnie
-Mobster with the Gambino Family

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