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Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Sopranos: Road to Respect

I have this game at home. Bought it on my 18th birthday

The Sopranos: Road to Respect
-2006 video game based on the HBO series, which ran from Jan. 10, 1999- June 10. 2007
-Released on Nov. 7, 2006
-Takes place between the 5th and 6th seasons, centering around "Big Pussy" Bonpensiero's illegitimate son, Joey LaRocca, as he prorgresses through the ranks of the family business

-The game starts out with a cut scene of Joey LaRocca stealing a purse from a woman as Tony Soprano is walking out of a store. He angrily grabs the young Joey, the hero of the game, so to speak, and offers him a place in the mob. During his first job, he accidentally murders Mario Buscetta, the nephew of the Philadelphia Family, Angelo Buscetta. "Angie" sends a hitman to kill Joey, but Joey kills the hitman during a rooftop chase instead.

"Joey LaRocca" outside Satriale's Deli Store

-A few days later, Tony's son A.J. gets involved with a drug deal gone sour. His partner wasted the money This prompts the dealers to kill his partner and steal Tony Soprano's car. Joey gets the car back and murders one of the dealers, only to have the car stolen again, this time by Angie's men. While Joey is scared the theft of Tony's car might get him killed, Tony says A.J. admitted responsibility. Tony has Joey do payback for the theft by burning down one of Angie's businesses

Paulie, Silvio, Tony, Christopher

-Later on, Angie returns Tony's car, completely wrecked, and containing Joey's girlfriend, Trichelle, beaten and raped. Joey, now angered, wants revenge. He finds Angie at the docks, where he kills him by throwing him off his boat

-At various points in the game, Joey sees the image of his dead father, who warns him about the path he is heading down. For eliminating Angie, Joey is inducted into the Soprano family, or in Mafia talk "made." Before the ceremony, Joey is visited by his father, who is not angry about his son joining the mobsters who killed his dad, and only wants what's best for him, now that he's at peace in Heaven

Man, Italy sure does have a way of making some darn cute guys!!!!!

James Gandolfini
-Tony Soprano

Michael Imperioli
-Christopher Moltisanti
What I'd give to be the woman in this photo.....

Steven Van Zandt
-Silvio Dante

Tony Sirico
-Paulie "Walnuts" Gualtieri

Joseph Gannascoli
-Vito Spatafore

Vincent Pastore
-Big Pussy Bonpensiero

Robert Iler
-A.J. Soprano

Christian Maelen
-Joey LaRocca

Monica Keena

Robert Costanzo
-Angelo Buscetta

Anthony DeSando
-Reggie, LaRocca's partner in crime
OMG! Is it getting hot in here or is it just me?

-The player is able to do missions for the main characters from the show at certain points in the game.
-This game differs from other mob-related games in the sense that it is linear, stroy driven, as opposed to that of, say, Grand Theft Auto's open world, exploration type of game.
-In this game, you can play Texas Hold 'Em with members of the family, visit the Bada Bing.
-Unlike the show, the game focuses on the Mafia concept of The Sopranos rather than blending family/business/therapy seen on the show

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