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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Revenge of the Nerds

Something I can relate to, not what the nerds do, but that's what I was considered in high school.
I love this movie!!!!!!!!!!

Revenge of the Nerds

-1984 comedy film about social life in a college campus.
-Stars Robert Carradine, Anthony Edwards, Ted McGinley, Brian Tochi, John Goodman, Donald Gibb
-Directed by Jeff Kanew
-Tells the story of a bunch of nerds trying to stop bullying by the brutal jock faction of their urban college

Did You Know?
-The University of Arizona allowed the filmmakers film at the campus. Many real life students attending the university were used as extras
-The scenes showing Lewis wearing Stan's mask from his point of view and his breathing can be heard, parodying Darth Vader from Star Wars
-The posters in the Tri-Lambs house include The Beatles in their early years, Thriller-era Michael Jackson, the Space Shuttle launching, a Devo poster, and an Albert Einstein poster
-Larry B. Scott, who plays Lamar, had to over compensate for his masculinity because people thought he was actually gay

-Poindexter's glasses are so thick that actor Timothy Busfieild needed a companion to see
-The previously all black fraternity Lambda Lambda Lambda has the initials LLL, one letter in the alphabet after KKK, the white supremacist group

-Best friends and also nerds Lewis Skolnick(Robert Carradine) and Gilbert Lowe(Anthony Edwards) enroll in Adams College to study computer science. While there, they meet the Alpha Betas, a college fraternity in which many of the school's football team members belong. They burn down their own dorm and take the freshman dorm for themselves. They think they rule the school because they are jocks. The college allows freshman, who are living in the gym, to join other fraternities or move to other housing. Lewis, gilbert and other outcasts who cannot join a fraternity renovate an old home to serve as their dormitory. Also Gilbert meets a cute but geeky accordion player named Judy(Michelle Meyrink)

The 2 main "nerds" Anthony Edwards(Gilbert Lowe) and Robert Carradine(Lewis Skolnick)

Nerd "Booger"

-The Alpha Betas and their sister sorority, the Pi Delta Pis, harass and bully the nerds by throwing a brick through their window. The campus cops refuse to get involved, so the nerds go to the Greek Council(which handles matters related to the fraternities and sororities). Its president Stan Gable(Ted McGinley) is the leader of the Alpha Betas, he rejects their complaints as the nerds aren't part of the fraternities. The nerds then try to join a national fraternity, and all but one reject them. They meet U.N. Jefferson(Bernie Casey), the head of the black fraternity Lambda Lambda Lambda(Tri-Lambs). Despite Jefferson noting that the applicants are geeks, due to the rules of the Tri-Lambs, they receive temporary membership.

-The nerds prepare a party and invite Jefferson, but the party is nearly ruined by the Pi Delta Pis, after promising to be their dates, who do not appear. However, thanks to Judy's sorority sisters(the Omega Mus, a sorority of geeky or overweight women) and a stash of marijuana, the party is back on. The Alpha Betas and Pis unleash pigs in the nerds' house, then taunt and moon them. Jefferson sees firsthand how the nerds are treated. The nerds, finally to the breaking point, seek payback. Their first order of business: performing a panty raid on the Pi Delta Pi house. They use the distraction to drill holes in the ceiling and mount a large TV trasnmitter on the roof of the sorority house, in order to instal view adjustable video cameras, which means they can watch and maneuver the cameras on their TVs to spy on the girls while they undress. Then, their next order of business is to sneak into the locker room and put industrial strength lotion in the players jock straps, leading to a painfully embarrassing practice. The nerds intelligence impresses Jefferson, who officially makes them the Adams College chapter of Lambda Lambda Lambda.

-However, this does not stop the Alpha Betas as they continue to bully the nerds. The new Tri-Lambs realize they need to win control of the Greek Council by winning the Greek Games during homecoming. They use their intelligence to compete with the Alpha Betas during the athletic part of the event, finishing in second. They then use topless photos taken from their Pi Delta cameras to easily win the charity sales by putting the photos in the bottom of pie plates. During this time, Lewis seduces Stan's girlfriend Betty Childs(Julia Montgomery) while in disguise, posing as Stan because their costumes looked similar. The nerds' complex, computer-driven musical production wins the final part of the Greek Games and the Lambdas nominate Gilbert to succeed Stan as the Greek Council president

-The Alpha Betas are furious, a fact made worse when Betty dumps Stan for Lewis(because he is better in bed). Coach Harris(John Goodman) then berates them in the locker room, pushing them over the edge and they vandalize the Tri-Lambs' house. Gilbert tries to renounce the act at the homecoming pep rally, but Stan and 2 other Alpha Betas attack him, and the brutal Coach Harris turn on the school's dean when he intervenes. The assault is stopped when Jefferson and a group of fellow Tri-Lambs from other chapters arrive. Gilbert makes an inspiring speech about how it feels to be treated abdly just for being different and Lewis invites anyone who has "ever felt stepped on, left out, picked on, put down" to come and join them. Betty, Judy, U.N. and many members of the crowd, whether nerds or not, do so. The Tri-Lambs get the Alpha Beta house until the nerds' house is fixed and the Alpha Betas must live in the gym, in the words of the dean "you're jocks. Go live in the gym." The film ends with the nerds celebrating their triumph while "We Are the Champions" by Queen plays



Jocks and their girls
  • John Goodman as Coach Harris, nerd-hating coach of the jocks and a major antagonist
  • David Wohl as Dean Ulich, nerdy dean of Adams College
  • Bernie Casey as U.N. Jefferson, President of the national Lambda-Lambda-Lambda ("Tri-Lamb") fraternity
  • James Cromwell as Mr. Skolnick, Lewis Skolnick's father.
  • Alice Hirson as Florence 'Flo' Lowe, Gilbert's mother

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