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Friday, June 15, 2012


-1986 British American fantasy film directed bt Jim Henson, produced by George lucas and based on designs by Brian Froud.
-Stars musician David Bowie as Jareth the Goblin King, Jennifer Connolly as Sarah
-The movie is about where Sarah wishes away her half brother Toby and she must go to an otherworldly place to rescue him from the Goblin King

Did You Know?
-Monty Python member Terry Jones wrote an early version of the script for this movie
-The sources for characters can be seen in Sarah's room. Such as: a photo of Sarah's actress mother with another man(David Bowie), on her dresser a stuffed animal that looks like Sir Didymus
-David Bowie sang two songs for this film. "As the World Falls Down" and "Underground"

-The film starts with a barn owl watching Sarah(Jennifer Connolly), reading lines from a play called Labyrinth in a park. As she struggles to remember the final line of her monologue, the town clock rings 7:00 and she remembers she ahs to babysit her brother Toby. She runs home and has a run-in with her impatient stepmother

-Following the departure of her parents, she notices her teddy bear, Lancelot, is missing from her room. She finds the toy in Toby's room and regretfully makes a wish that the goblins would come and take Toby away. Quickly, he does vanish and a barn owl enters her room, transforming into Jareth, King of the Goblins(David Bowie). He tells her that if she can solve his Labyrinth within 13 hours, she can get back her brother Toby. He transports her and himself to his Labyrinth, leaving Sarah to start her adventure.

-At the beginning of the Labyrinth, she meets Hoggle, a grumpy dwarf who does not want to help. She makes her way through alone and defeats obstacles during her journey, such as a Knights and Knaves logic puzzle, before getting trapped in the dungeon. Jareth sends Hoggle to free Sarah and direct her back to the beginning of the Labyrinth.

-As they progress together, Sarah and Hoggle come upon a group of goblins tormenting a gentle beast named Ludo, whose roar scares Hoggle and lead him to run. Sarah saves Ludo and goes with him, but the two become separated. A group of creatures called The Fire Gang, who all possess detachable limbs, harass Sarah until Hoggle rescues her. They then pass through the Bog of Eternal Stench where they meet up with Ludo. They now add another to the party; Sir Didymus, a chivalrous knight who guards the bridge leading away from the bog.
-Hoggle offers Sarah a peach that Jareth had said to give her. Upon biting it, she slips into a trance and wakes up in a dream like ballroom where Jareth tries to seduce her. The sound of a clock striking reminds her that her brother needs rescuing. She frees herself and restarts her quest. She meets up with Sir Didymus, Hoggle, Ludo and the 3 of them approach the Goblin City surrounding Jareth's castle. Hoggle disables a robot guarding the city gate. They all successfully enter the city, defeating the goblins who were summoned to stop them

-Upon reaching the throne room, Sarah decides to go at it alone. She finds Jareth and Toby in a huge, stair filled room inspired by M.C. Escher's Relativity. She tries to reach her brother, but is unsuccessful. She is interrupted by Jareth, who confronts her and asks her to abandon her quest to stay with him forever. Sarah recites the complete monologue from the start of the movie, finishing with "You have no power over me."

-Jareth, knowing defeat, returns Sarah and Toby to their house. Sarah finds that she can see Hoggle and the rest of them in her bedroom mirror. She tells them she needs them, summoning them to her room. The film ends with Sarah and the creatures celebrating their victory. Outside the room window, is a barn owl who watches the party and flies away.
  • Jennifer Connelly as Sarah Williams, a teenage girl and the film's protagonist.
  • David Bowie as Jareth, the Goblin King and the film's main antagonist. Michael Moschen performed the character's elaborate crystal-ball contact juggling manipulations.[1]
  • Toby Froud as Toby Williams, Sarah's baby half-brother.
  • Christopher Malcolm and Shelley Thompson as Sarah's father and step-mother.
  • Creature performers
    • Shari Weiser as Hoggle
    • Ron Mueck and Rob Mills as Ludo
      • Ron Mueck as the voice of Ludo
    • Steve Whitmire, Cheryl Henson, and Kevin Bradshaw as Firey 4
      • Danny John-Jules as the voice of Firey 4
    • Anthony Asbury, Alistair Fullarton, and Rollie Krewson as Firey 5
      • Richard Bodkin as the voice of Firey 5
    • Anthony Asbury as Right Door Knocker
    • Natalie Finland as the Fairies

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