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The time is always right to do what is right~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'm Real Tired of Racism!

What really burns me up is people treating people like garbage because of skin color, ethnicity, race, religion, even sexuality!

This is the kind of world kids had to grow up with during the 1950s and 1960s

This is the kind of stuff people of Latino heritage have to face!

All he believed in was a world where everyone lived happily together. Now, I ask you, is that so wrong?
Nowadays, people think it's funny to make fun of other races. Such as stretching out your eyes with your fingers and speaking pidgin English, saying you're Asian, walking around with a bowler hat on and carrying an umbrella saying "Pip, pip, Cheerio!" in a severely horrible inaccurate accent saying you're British, eating watermelon saying you're black, saying you're Latino if more than 5 people are all related and live together.

Famous People of Other Races

Latino Contributions
Che Guevara: Latino revolutionary
Cesar Chavez: activist

Frida Kahlo: Painter

Carlos Santana: Musician

Santiago Ramon y Cajal: Scientist who discovered the structure for the nervous system

American of African Descent Contributions
Martin Luther King Jr: civil rights activist

Thurgood Marshall: first Black Supreme Court Justice

Maya Angelou: poet, author, historian, singer and civil rights activist of African descent

Shirley Chisholm: first black woman elected to Congress

Alex Haley: Author of the award winning novel Roots

Quincy Jones: Music legend winning over 20 Grammy Awards

Sidney Poitier: first black actor to win an Oscar for his film Lilies of the Fields(1963)

Asian Contributions
Sessue Hayakawa: first Asian actor

Jerry Yang: Asian co-founder of Yahoo!

Connie Chung: American-bon Asian news reporter. I think she is so cool!!

Eric Shinseki: American-born Asian to get the role of Chief of Staff in the US Army

Jeremy Lin: American-born Asian member of New York Knicks basketball team

Sammy Lee: first American-born Asian American to win a Gold Olympic medal

Michael Chang: American-born Asian tennis player

Native American Contributions
Chief Joseph: chief of the Nez Perce tribe

Crazy Horse: activist, said "All we wanted was peace and to be left alone."

Leonard Peltier: activist who led the fight in the Pine Ridge Reservation incident

Red Cloud: Warrior who was considered one of the greatest leaders in the 19th century

Sitting Bull: Lakota Indian medicine man and chief

Steve Reevis: Native American actor

Tecumseh: Warrior for the Shawnee Tribe

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