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Friday, June 29, 2012

Hot Man Friday: Dolph Lundgren

Dolph Lundgren
Birth Name: Hans Lundgren
DOB: Nov. 3, 1957
Where: Spagna, Stockholm, Sweden
Occupation: actor, martial artist, director
Years active: 1985-present

-Swedish actor, martial artist, director
-Belongs to a generation of actors who explain the action hero stereotype, such as: Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude Van Damme
-Studied chemical engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and University of Sydney, in Sydney, Australia
-Holds a rank of 3rd dan black belt in Kyokushin Karate
-While in Jamaica, became a bodyguard for singer Grace Jones
-After moving to New York City, did a short stint of modeling and bouncer at the Manhattan nightclub The Limelight
He's cute in this image

-In the Bond film, A View to Kill, he played a KGB henchman
-Was the first actor to play Frank Castle in The Punished(1989)
-Is currently one of the taller actors, at 6'5''

Early Life
-Born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1957. He was born into an academic, middle class family.
-His mother, Bridgitta, was a language teacher, and his dad, Karl Lundgren, was an engineer and economist for the Swedish government
-Has two sisters and a younger brother.

Missionary Man

-Has said that his father was physically abusive towards his mother and his oldest son. His father would often call him a "loser"
-When he was a kid, he suffered from allergies and was terribly insecure about himself
-While in his teens, he developed an interest in martial arts, trying judo, Goj-ryu and finally settling on Kyokushin karate

-Served two years in the Swedish Marine Corps and attended the Royal Institute of Technology, graduating with a degree in chemical engineering
-In 1982, graduated with a master's degree in chemical engineering from the University of Sydney in Sydney, Australia
-Messed around with modeling, but was told that he was too tall for a model's size 40

-Played a KGB henchman named Venz in A View to Kill
-Lundgren found that acting was more attractive and rewarding than a career in chemical engineering
-After hearing of Sylvester Stallone playing Rocky and being on the lookout for an imposing character to play Ivan Drago, Lundgren sent photos of himself to a contact of Stallone, who eventually got through.

-To improve his body and physique for the role of the brutal Russian, he intensely trained in bodybuilding and boxing for 5 months
-The 2 lines he utters in English "I must break you" and "If he dies, he dies" in the film are the best known lines in pop culture history

-In 1989, he starred as Frank Castle, in the film The Punisher.vIn this movie, the character does not wear the trademark "skull".

-In 1992, Lundgren starred in one of the bigger sci-fi movies, Universal Soldier. Lundgren plays Sgt. Andrew Scott, and Jean-Claude Van Damme plays Luc Devereaux, both U.S. soldiers during the Vietnam War who are sent to fight against Norht Vietnamese troops. After shooting each other dead, they are reanimated by a group of soldiers in a secret Army project to reanimate a group of previously dead soldiers.

-In 2010, he played a drug-addled assassin named Gunnar Jensen in The Expendables

Personal Life
-His height has been wrongly guessed over the years. suggests his height is 6'3'' and a barefoot height of 6'4.5''. He says he is 6'5''
-Speaks English, Spanish, some German, French, some Japanese, some Italian
-Has 2 daughters: Sigrid Lundgren and Great Evaline, both born to Anette Qviberg, a jewelry designer. Both daughters attend a British school, and he and Anette said that they live in Hollywood to give their kids as normal a life as can be.

He-Man: Masters of the Universe


Rocky IV

Rocky IV
-1985 American sports drama written by, directed by and starring Sylvester Stallone
-4th successful entry into the Rocky series
-In this film, Rocky regains his title from Clubber Lang from the 3rd one and decides to go up against a brutish Russian monster of a boxer from the Soviet Union, who is looking to make a debut into the boxing world

Did You Know?
-In reality, Soviet boxers were not allowed to fight professional boxers during the Cold War era
-The training scenes that were supposed to be in "Russia" were actually in Wyoming. The farm is in Jackson Hole, and the exterior scenes filmed in Grand Teton National Park
-It took 6 months for actor Dolph Lundgren to get the part of Ivan Drago. He was said to be too tall
-Brigitte Nielsen's character Ludmilla Drago was incoporated into the film at the last minute
-During filming, Carl Weathers and Dolph Lundgren got into a fight. Lundgren threw Weathers across the ring and it was destroyed
-Sylvester Stallone's then wife was none other than Brigitte Nielsen, who he met on the set of his movie Cobra.

-In the Rocky-Drago fight, the man in Soviet skybox closely resembles Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev

-In 1985, Ivan Drago(Dolph Lundgren) is a boxer; a 6'5'', 261 pound boxer from the Soviet Union, who arrives in America with his wife Ludmilla(Brigitte Nielsen) and a team of trainers from the USSR. His manager, named Nikolai Koloff(Michael Pataki) takes every chance he can get to show off the strong skills Drago possesses as a trademark of Soviet superiority. Apollo Creed(Carl Weathers) is strongly motivated by patriotism and a desire to prove himself once more, so he challenges Drago to an exhibition fight. Rocky(Sylvester Stallone) agrees to train Apollo, who enters the ring, with an over the top patriotic theme, James Brown performing Living in America. Suddenly, Drago mercilessly beats Apollo. He is in deep trouble now, as the brutal Russian goes to town on Apollo, who is taking the worst beating in history, beating the life right out of him in the end of the first round. Rocky and Apollo's trainer Duke(Tony Burton) pleads with Apollo to give up, but he refuses. The 2nd round goes horribly wrong, as it does not get any better. This ends up with Apollo dying from his injuries. Drago then replies "If he dies... he dies."


-Angered by Drago's lack of remorse, Rocky decides to avenge Apollo's death and challenge Drago. He is to fight Drago on Christmas Day in 1985 in Russia in an unallowed 15 round fight. He flies to the USSR, without Adrian(Talia Shire), setting up a training house with only Duke and his brother in law Paulie(Burt Young). To prepare, Drago uses every high tech piece of equipment he has, and it is implied he uses anabolic steroids. Drago starts training, with doctors monitoring every heart beat and drop of sweat. Rocky, however, uses a more primitive method of training: throwing heavy logs, chopping down trees, pulling an overloaded snow sleigh, jogging in heavy snow, braving treacherous icy conditions, climbing a mountain. Adrian shows up to give Rocky her support after initially refusing to Russia because of her doubts he would win. Now that she's here, he has an added focus.

-On the night of the fight, one by one, the fighters enter. Drago enters to a highly Russian patriotic entrance, with the Russian national anthem playing, and everyone on Drago's side. When Rocky enters, he is booed from all sides. Compared to his fight with Apollo, Drago goes offensive and Rocky takes a beating. Rocky comes back and silences the booing Russians by cold cocking the Russian, leaving a cut below his right eye. Rocky, now fired up, goes on a spree and lands hit after hit on Drago, even after the bell rings. While Duke and Paulie cheer, they remind him that Drago is not a machine, but a man. And it is ironically when Drago remarks that Rocky "is not a human, but a piece of iron." His manager then tells him to stop being "weak" compared to the "small American."

-The two duke it out over the next dozen rounds, Rocky staying there through Drago's almost fatal punches. His refusal to go down starts to impress the strong Russian crowd, which highly upsets Drago to the point of shoving Koloff off the ring for insulting his performance. Rocky takes out Drago in round 15 to the shock of the Soviet Union Politburo watching closely. Rocky, bloody and beaten, then gives a small victory speech, acknowledging the hate between himself and once hostile crowd as much as the Russians initially hated Americans. He finishes by saying that everybody can "change." The Soviet General Secretary stands and applauds Rocky and his aides follow. Rocky ends with him wishing his son a Merry Christmas and throws his arms into the air as victory.


  • Sylvester Stallone - Rocky Balboa
  • Burt Young - Paulie Pennino
  • Talia Shire - Adrian Balboa
  • Carl Weathers - Apollo Creed
  • Brigitte Nielsen - Ludmilla Vobet Drago
  • Dolph Lundgren - Captain Ivan Drago
  • Tony Burton - Tony "Duke" Evers
  • Michael Pataki - Nicoli Koloff
  • Stu Nahan - Commentator #1 (Creed-Drago)
  • Warner Wolf - Commentator #2 (Creed-Drago)
  • R.J. Adams - Sports Announcer
  • Barry Tompkins - American Commentator #1 (Rocky-Drago)
  • Al Bandiero - American Commentator #2 (Rocky-Drago)
  • James Brown - Himself
  • Rocky

    -1976 sports drama directed by John G. Avildsen
    -Stars Sylvester Stallone as a 4th rate boxer named Rocky Balboa, who is an uneducated boxer working for a local loan shark
    -Stars Talia Shire as Adrian, Burt Young as Paulie, Burgess Meredith as Mickey
    -Was shot in only 28 days

    Did You Know?
    -When Sylvester Stallone was asked to star in the movie, he only had about $106 in the bank and a dog he could not afford to feed
    -Took his name from real life boxer Rocky Marciano
    -The photos on Rocky's mirror are actual photos of Sylvester Stallone when he was younger
    -The first sports movie to win an Academy Award for Best Picture

    -On Nov. 25, 1975, Rocky Balboa(Sylvester Stallone) is a boxer, working for a local loan shark named Anthony Gazzo(Joe SpinellI), living in the Kensington neighborhood of Phildelphia. The World Heavyweight Championship is scheduled to happen on New Year's Day, 1976. The champ is a guy named Apollo Creed(Carl Weathers). When his opponent is hurt, Creed comes up with the idea to give a local underdog a shot at the title. He chooses Rocky because of his unique nickname, "The Italian Stallion." He then puts it in lights: "Apollo Creed Meets The Italian Stallion."

     -Rocky starts preparing for the fight. He starts with a 1920s era ex-fighter named Micky Goldmill(Burgess Meredith). He considers Rocky's potential to be better than his effort, and they both fight over Micky's intentions for training Rocky. Rocky's good friend Paulie(Burt Young) is a meat packing plant worker, who lets him practice punching on the meat hanging in the freezer. During the training, Rocky starts dating Paulie's sister Adrian(Talia Shire), who is quiet, shy. She works as the clerk in a local pet store. The night before the fight, Rocky tells Adrian he does not think he can win the fight. He says he wants to 'go the distance'(meaning last 15 rounds). This is where Rocky suffers his first injury: a broken nose.

    -As the fight goes on, each man sustains more injuries, and Creed is impressed by Rocky's ability to take such a beating. When the final bell rings, both fighters are locked in the arms of each other and Creed, now worn out, remarks "Ain't gonna be no re-match". When the fight is done, Rocky calls out Adrian's name, who runs down to the ring, crying. The announcer then announces that the winner will be a split decision. Rocky and Adrian hold each other in their arms, while announcing to each other how much they love one another.


  • Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa, an enforcer for a loan shark by day and a semi-pro boxer by night. He is given the chance at the heavyweight title.
  • Talia Shire as Adrian Pennino, Rocky's love interest; a quiet pet store clerk who falls in love with Rocky and supports him through his training.
  • Burt Young as Paulie Pennino, Adrian's brother; a meat-packing plant worker by trade, Paulie permits Rocky to train in the freezer.
  • Carl Weathers as Apollo Creed, Rocky's opponent and heavyweight champion. The character was influenced by the outspoken, real-life boxing great Muhammad Ali.[5]
  • Burgess Meredith as Mickey Goldmill: Rocky's manager and trainer, a former bantamweight fighter from the 1920s and the owner of the local boxing gym.
  • Thayer David as George Jergens: the fight promoter who has "promoted fights all over the world".
  • Joe Spinnell as Tony Gazzo, loan shark and Rocky's employer
  • Wednesday, June 27, 2012

    Hot Man Wednesday: Jonathan Rhys-Meyers

    Jonathan Rhys-Meyers

    Name: Jonathan Michael Francis O'Keeffe
    DOB: July 27, 1977
    Where: Dublin, Ireland
    Occupation: actor, model, vocalist
    Years active: 1994-present
    Look at those abs! Hottie!

    -Best known roles: Mission Impossible III, Bend It Like Beckham, Match Point, King Henry VIII in the BBC series The Tudors
    [Insert little hearts] OMG, he need a queen? Let me be that!!! Man this guy is HOT!
    Early Life
    -Son of Mary Geraldine Meyers and musician John O'Keeffe
    -At 1 year old, moved to Cork and was raised there with 3 younger brothers, Jamie, Alan and Paul, all professional musicians
    -When he was 3, his parents divorced

    -Expelled from the North Monastery Secondary School at 16 for truancy and spent his time hanging out in pool halls
    -Casting agents looking for young Irish boys found Rhys-Meyers at a Cork pool hall, and invited him to the audition of the film War of the Buttons
    -In Velvet Goldmine(1998), he played a glam-rock David Bowie-like character

    -In Bend It Like Beckham(2002), he played the coach of a girls' football coach

    -He is a self-taught singer and guitarist, appearing in various music roles. His first role of singing and playing was that of Brian Slade in Velvet Goldmine.
    -He was chosen as the face of Versace men's collection of Autumn/Winter of 2006 and Spring 2007. He is also a model, being signed to Independent Models in London, England

    Personal Life
    -In May 2010, it was said he was banned from flying on United Airlines because of a mishap from being belligerent and disruptive and the supposed use of a racial slur
    -Has been in and out of rehab 3 times for alcohol abuse

    Tuesday, June 26, 2012

    Fraggle Rock

    Fraggle Rock
    -Kids live action puppet TV show created by Jim Henson
    -Centered on a group of creatures called Fraggles
    -Dealt with issues like personal identity, prejudice, spirituality, social problems, environmental protection and just the environment

    Did You Know?


    -Humanoid creatures, which are about 18'' tall, with fur in a wide variety of colors, with a lion-like tail with a bunch of fur at the end
    -They live in a cave network called Fraggle Rock
    -They live on a diet of vegetables, especially radishes

    The five main Fraggles are: Gobo, Mokey, Wembley, Boober, and Red

    -Performed by Jerry Nelson
    -The "leader" of the Fraggles
    -Practical, prefers to control the situation
    -Plays a guitar made from a gourd
    -Has an orange complexion and purple hair, wearing a yellow sweater with brown vest

    -Performed by Kathryn Mullen
    -Highly spiritual, artistic, hippie-like
    -Remains quiet and contemplative
    -Enjoys painting and reciting poetry
    -Is the usual optimist of the group
    -Has mauve skin and light blue green hair. Wears a greyish-born robe like sweater and a necklace made from a soda can pop top

    -Performed by Steve Whitmire
    -Nervous and indecisive; does not want to hur anyone's feelings
    -Looks greenish-yellow, with yellow hair, wearing a white shirt with palm trees on it
    -Plays bongo drums

    -Performed by Dave Goelz
    -Depressed and worried
    -Enjoys washing socks
    -Always has a negative attitude, with hypochondriac tendencies
    -Is Fraggle Rock's most talented cook
    -Is greenish-blue with reddish-orange hair and wears a red hat and brown scarf
    -Sometimes flirts with Mokey

    -Performed by Karen Prell
    -Athletic, one of the best swimmers
    -Has yellowish-orange coloring, red hair, and wears a red sweater
    -Highly cynical, teasing Gobo on his Traveling Uncle Matt

    -Green, ant-like creatures
    -Only 6'' high
    -Like Anti-Fraggles
    -Interested in work and industry
    -Builds things out of radishes, which are highly enjoyed by Fraggles

    -22' tall
    -Giant, furry humanoids
    -Regard Fraggles as pests, who steal radishes from them

    Marjory the Trash Heap
    -Referred to as an 'oracle'
    -Gives the Fraggles advice and guidance

    Philo and Gunge
    -They are humorous, filled with bad jokes, and puns
    -They guard the Trash Heap

    The Silly Creatures of Outer Space
    -Outer Space in this show is the actual human world
    Uncle Travelling Matt