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Thursday, September 1, 2011

30 Day Challenge Day 3

Day 3- Movie that makes you happy

This movie is basically about a racecar driver named Alex Furlong(Emilio Estevez) who is wisked away to the year 2009 to be the recipient for a mind transplant for a businessman named Ian McCandless(Anthony Hopkins). The movie was made in 1992, but is supposed to take place in 1991, go figure! He sends a 'bonejacker', basically mercenaries with time travel devices to go and get Furlong, and these 'bonejackers' are led by Victor Vacendak(Mick Jagger), who will stop at nothing to do this and get paid. Furlong escapes and is labeled a 'freejack', lowest rung on the social ladder in the futuristic society, and he tries to find his girlfriend Julie Redlund(Rene Russo), who works for McCandless Inc. This movie's concept was taken from the 1950s era sci fi book Immortality Inc by Robert Sheckley. From watching this movie, I see Mick looks a little skittish acting. I get the feeling he is uncomfortable acting, that he'd rather be taking the stage singing Stones tracks. He's a pretty good actor, but I get the feeling he's a little nervous on the acting camera. He totally rocked this movie out though.

Pictures from the movie
 Picture of the future in the movie.
At the very beginning
 Towards the end where Julie and Alex reach the top floor of McCandless Inc
 Group photo- Hopkins as McCandless, Estevez as Furlong and Jagger as Vacendak
Furlong and girlfriend Julie 
Scene towards the end where Furlong tricks Vacendak
Another shot of Jagger
Jagger as Vacendak
Filming the scene with Jagger

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