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Thursday, September 8, 2011

30 Day Movie Challenge, Day 5

Day 5- Favorite Love Story

I used Wikipedia to make sure I got it close to an accurate description.

Across the Universe
I know I already did a post for this movie, but I really like it. I'm pathetic I know, but this movie is really good!!!! If you're a Beatles fan, I recommend checking it out, it is...AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And man is Jim Sturgess HOT!!!!! I didn't even know he was actually English, I thought the accent was just for the movie. I actually thought he was an American actor, I like him way more now I know he has a cute English accent, so sexy on guys!!

If u read my post on Across the Universe, then u might know what it's about. But if not, here it is. Jude(Jim Sturgess) is a dockworker in Liverpool, England who joins up with the Merchant's Navy and goes AWOL in New Jersey looking for his father. In the opening scenes, the songs Girl, All My Loving are sang. Meanwhile, in Dayton, Ohio, Lucy(Evan Rachel Wood) is preparing to go to college and also worrying about her boyfriend who has enlisted in the Army and is headed for service in the Vietnam War. Her friend Prudence (T.V. Carpio) is in love with a fellow female cheerleader, while singing I Want to Hold Your Hand. Jude finds his father working as a janitor at Princeton University and it is here that Jude runs into Lucy's brother Max(Joe Anderson) where they all sing With A Little Help from My Friends. It is when Max brings Jude home with him for Thanskgiving that he sees Lucy and is immediately attracted to her.

When Max drops out of school suddenly, him and Jude move into a hippie like apartment in New York's Greenwich Village, and there they meet Sadie(Dana Fuchs) and her guitarist Jojo(Let It Be, Come Together). Before long, they have found work, Max as a taxi driver, Jude as a freelance artist. Before long, Prudence is in New York after she hitchiked to leave an abusive boyfriend. After Lucy finds out her boyfriend Daniel has been killed in combat, she goes to New York to find Max before she heads off to school(Song- Why Don't We Do It in the Road?), and she meets Jude and falls in love(If I Fell). The Max joins up with the Army(I Want You(She's So Heavy)). Prudence meanwhile becomes attracted to Sadie but things look down when she discovers her and Jojo have begun falling in love. In order to get her out of the closet she has locked herself in, her friends sing Dear Prudence.
Jude, Lucy, Jojo and Max go with a guy named Doctor Robert(Bono) who is promoting some kind of drug and they all drink punch laced with LSD.

Meanwhile in New York, Sadie's manager says she needs to drop the band and this leads to a bad breakup between her and Jojo(Oh! Darling). And with Lucy becoming more involved with the Students for a Democratic Republic, Jude is under the impression its leader Paco(Logan Marshall-Green) is trying to seduce Lucy and this really begins to show in his art(Strawberry Fields Forever). He finally endsd up storming the SDR office which leads to him and Lucy arguing(While My Guitar Gently Weeps) and is immediately arrested(Across the Universe, Helter Skelter)

Since he is technically in the US illegally, Jude is deported back to England and gets his job back at the docks. Max is home from the war, addicted to morphine and battle scarred psychologically(Happiness Is a Warm Gun). Soon, Lucy discovers that Paco is making bombs, and promptly leaves. Later on, the bomb blows up and kills Paco and destroys the SDR offices. When he hears this, Jude automatically thinks Lucy is dead, but when he hears from her brother Max he returns to New York illegally and tries to find her. Towards the end, Jojo, Sadie and Jude all perform a rooftop concert, singing All You Need is Love and Don't Let Me Down. The movie concludes with Jude and Lucy looking into each other's eyes as the song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds is being sung and played.
At least 6 characters in this movie were inspired by Beatles songs.

Jim Sturgess- Jude

Evan Rachel Wood- Lucy

Dana Fuchs- Sadie

Martin Luther McCoy- Jojo
T.V. Carpio- Prudence

Carol Woods- Gospel singer
Timothy T. Mitchum- Jojo's younger brother
Orfeh- Hooker #1

Tracy Nicole Chapman- Hooker #2

Jacob Pitts- Desmond

Logan Marshall-Green- Paco
Bono-Dr. Robert

Salma Hayek- Bang Bang Shoot Shoot nurses

Eddie Izzard- Mr. Kite

Harry Lennix- Army sgt.
James Urbaniak- Sadie's manager
Joe Cocker- Pimp/Mad Hippie/Bum
Lawrence Leritz- Singing riot cop
Angela Mounsey- Martha Feeny, Jude's mom
Lisa Hogg- Molly, Jude's Liverpool girlfriend
Robert Clohessy- Wesley 'Wes' Hubert, Jude's dad

Dylan Baker and Linda Emond- Mr. and Mrs. Carrigan

Lynn Cohen- Grandma Carrigan

Bill Irwin- Uncle Teddy
Spencer Liff- Daniel, Lucy's high school boyfriend

Pictures from the movie

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