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Monday, September 12, 2011

30 Day Movie Challenge, Day 15

Day 15- Character You Relate To Most

I relate to Carrie because when I was younger, I was bullied, but not this bad. I mean, people called me names and things but nothing to this level bad bullying. I'd hate to have a parent like this, lol

I don't have telekinetic powers, although that would help around the house......

If you haven't seen the old 1976 movie Carrie, here's what it is about. Carrie White(Sissy Spacek) is a typical outcast. She's friendless, and a constant victim of bullying by the girls at Bates High School, and also takes abuse from her overly Christian mother Margaret(Piper Laurie) and bullying classmates, especially Chris Hargensen(Nancy Allen). While showering after gym class, that's where she gets her first period. And with her not knowing alot about the monthly cycle, she goes into hysterics, thinking she is bleeding to death. Popular girl Sue Snell(Amy Irving) notices and somehow that warrants all the other girls to start chucking tampons and other female hygiene items at her, all yelling "Plug it up." Soon the gym teacher, Ms. Collins(Betty Buckley) comes in and actually has to smack Carrie to bring her to. And above them a light bulb bursts, anad she has to help clean Carrie up so she can get her to the principal's office to ask him to let her go home early. The principal, Mr. Morton constantly calls her Cassie instead of Carrie. When she finally has to correct him, an ashtray on the desk flies off and spills ashes on the floor. When she is walking home, a neighborhood boy starts taunting her and ends up flying off his bike and landing on the ground.

When Carrie gets home, her mother tells her that her menstrual cycle is a result of sin, not puberty and locks her in a closet to pray for forgiveness. The next day, English teacher Mr. Fromm reads a poem by Tommy Ross(William Katt), Sue Snell's boyfriend, and he mocks Carrie when she says that is the most beautiful poem she has ever heard. When Tommy feels angry about Carrie getting mocked, Sue suggests that he take Carrie to the prom to show her a good time.

While in the library, she suspects she may have some kind of telekinetic gift and decides to research it some more. When Tommy approaches her to ask her to the prom, she runs away, fearing this is another trick. When she tells her mom about going to the prom, she says this is sin, and it angers Carrie, which causes the windows to slam shut, and this reveals her hidden power to her mother, who suggests it's Satan's power and still refuses Carrie to go.
Meanwhile, the girls who bullied Carrie in the locker room are getting an earful from Ms. Collins. As punishment, she subjects them to a week long boot camp style gym class, trying to run them ragged and refusal of prom tickets if they don't show up. Chris blames Carrie for all of this and holds a deep hatred for her, and when Chris backtalks Ms. Collins, she slaps Chris in the face for insolence. She then tells her jailbird boyfriend Billy Nolan(John Travolta) to go to a pig farm and kill one and drain the blood into a bucket. Chris talks her buddy Norma Watson(P.J. Soles) into rigging the election so Tommy and Carrie win. As the night goes on and Carrie prepares for the prom, her mother tells her everyone wil laugh hysterically at her, and Carrie blows her off, leaving with Tommy. When she shows up at prom, everyone treats her an an equal. Sue Snell, unable to attend because Tommy was her date, goes to make sure everything goes over well for Carrie.
To her suprise, her and Tommy are named Prom King and Queen. They walk up, hand in hand, and that's when Sue discovers Chris under the stage holding a rope attached to the 2 buckets of pig blood above the stage, and when the crown is placed on Carrie's head, Chris pulls the rope and blood tumbles down, splattering Carrie in blood. When everyone is really horrified, she thinks they are laughing at her. Her hidden power really takes over and all hell breaks loose. She leaves and when she gets home, she scrubs off all the blood and she breaks down in her mother's arms, where her mother stabs her in the back. She falls down the stairs and still survives. Because of her anger, she sends knives flying at her mother, killing her and pinning her to the wall. And she and her mother are killed when the house collapses and falling debris crush them.
Sometime later, Sue Snell wakes up screaming aftr having a nightmare where she was placing flowers on teh plot where Carrie's house was and a bloody arm is reaching up to grab her.

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