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Friday, September 2, 2011

30 Day Movie Challenge Day 4

Day 04- Sad Movie

This movie gets me teared up almost every time

What this movie is about is a banker named Sam Wheat(Patrick Swayze) and his artist girlfriend Molly Jensen(Demi Moore) live happily in New York. He discovers some major problems at work and confides in his friend Carl Bruner(Tony Goldwyn). Sam decides to investigate and one night after leaving a theatre, Sam and Molly are attacked, Sam is killed by a gunshot from a fight with an armed thugh named Willy Lopez(Rick Aviles). When his ghost leaves his body, only then does he realize he's dead. He then seeks out the help of a psychic named Oda Mae Brown(Whoopi Goldberg), he tells her to convince his girlfriend that she's in danger because the thug has his wallet with his address, but while still in shock over her loss of him, she does not believe the psychic. Soon after, Sam runs into an aggressive ghost(Vincent Schiavelli) who was killed by a couple of kids who pushed him in front of a subway car. This spirit teaches him how to hanress the ghostly powers he was given. When Sam finds out that Carl has laundered the money under a false name, Oda Mae and Sam go there and get the money out. Carl find this out when he tries to access the account and it doesn't work. Carl then hires Willy to go after Molly, and he goes to Oda Mae's apartment and Sam plays tricks with him. After Willy is scared stiff, he escapes, running outside and is hit by a car. After he is dead, his spirit leaves the body and shadowy demons come to take his soul to Hell. Towards the end, Carl is killed by a window with broken glass on it, his spirit is then taken to Hell. Basically this story is about how a banker gets revenge. It's so teary at the end, because she can hear him just as he's about to cross over. The song Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers was the main theme of this movie.

Pictures from the movie

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