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Monday, September 12, 2011

30 Day Movie Challenge, Day 10

Day 10- Classic Movie
I used Wikipedia to make sure the description was accurate because it's been a little while since I last saw this.

Made in: 1968. I love this movie!!

A politician named Walter Chalmers(Robert Vaughn) is holding a subcommittee hearing on organized crime in America. He hopes to get the message through by trying to bring down Chicago mobster Pete Ross(Vic Tayback) with the help of witness Johnny Ross, his brother. This movie takes place the weekend before the hearing, from Friday to Sunday.

Following the escape from Chicago to San Francisco with $2 million in mob money, Johnny(Felice Orlandi) is placed under protective custody by the San Francisco Police Department and Lt. Frank Bullitt(Steve McQueen) is the officer in charge of protecting him. Him, Sgt. Delgetti(Don Gordon) and Det. Carl Stanton(Carl Reindel) give Ross 24 hour protection at the Hotel Daniels, a cheap hotel and house of prostitution near the Embarcadero Freeway. Late at night on Saturday, a couple of hitmen(Paul George and a stunt driver named Bill Hickman) bust in, shooting up the place, injuring Insp. Stanton and Det. Ross. When news of this hits Bullitt, he wants to investigate who shot them. Meanwhile, Chalmers is upset and tries to shift the blame over to the SFPD, and in the hospital, Ross dies. When Bullitt hears this, he wants Doctor Willard(Georg Stanford Brown) to have the body listed under a John Doe identity.

Chalmers arrives at the hospital and angry Ross is gone. When him and his police officer(Normal Fell) pressure Bullitt to make Ross appear, it doesn't work. Bullitt reconstructs Ross' movements and it leads him to a hotel where he finds a woman registered under the name Dorothy Simmons(Brandy Carroll). He soon begins to suspect the dead mobster is not who he seems, and when he leaves the hotel, he is chased by the 2 hitmen in his Ford Mustang, resulting in one of Hollywood's greatest car chase scenes that kills the hitmen. When he gets back to the police department, he is interrogated and given a message: produce Ross by Monday morning. When he starts to investigate the Dorothy Simmons girl, he finds she has been murdered. As the investigation goes along, they discover that 'Dorothy Simmons' is really Dorothy Rennick and that the man they knew as Ross may have been her husband, Albert, a car salesman with a clean record.
Chalmers arrives at the morgue, to find Bullitt, and demands a signed admission that Ross died in Bullitt's custody. He denies and when a faxed copy of Rennick's passport photo arrives, it shows Chalmers sending police to protect the wrong man. The real Ross actually set up Rennick to escape and killed Rennick's wife to silence her. Later on, Chalmers offers Bullitt a chance for advancement in career when he refuses. He later discovers that the Rennicks have tickets to Rome that night. He goes to the airport where he finds the real Johnny Ross(Pat Renella) in the terminal and he chases after him. A chase then starts across the runways of San Francisco Airport(with actual departing flights going by) which ends with Bullitt killing Ross after he chases him back into the terminal.


Steve McQueen driving
Jacqueline Bisset
From Steve's point of view

The apartment building in the movie where Bullitt lived.

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