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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

30 Day Movie Challenge, Day 25

Day 25- Hilarious Movie


Danny Noonan (Michael O'Keefe) is a high school student planning on going to college, and to pay for it, he works at the high class Bushwood Country Club. He caddies for Ty Bushwood (Chevy Chase) who happens to be the free spirited son of one of the founders of the country club. And he finds out about a Caddy Scholarship that he thinks will help him in college. So he goes and caddies for Judge Elihu Smails (Ted Knight), who controls who gets the scholarship. His golfing group includes Dr. Beeper (Dan Resin), his obnoxious grandson Spaulding (John F. Barmon Jr.) and his niece Lacey Underall (Cindy Morgan). Meanwhile the greenskeeper Sandy McFiddish (Thomas A. Carlin) has his assistant Carl Spackler (Bill Murray) take care of a little gopher problem the club is having.

During the golf games, the judge is constantly mocked by Al Czervik (Rodney Dangerfield), an obnoxious real estate tycoon. He makes a bet that for $1000 the judge misses the shot, and he misses, throwing his club and hitting a woman. Danny takes the blame for it saying the grips were worn and that puts Danny in good with the judge. At a 4th of July dinner, Danny and his girlfriend Maggie O'Hooligan (Sarah Holcomb) are servers and she informs Danny of Lacey's very sexual nature when he becomes attracted to her but this only turns him on more. Danny wins the Scholarship and this warrants in invitation from the judge to Danny for attend the Judge's yacht christening party. Al literally crashes the party when he drops anchor onto Smail's tiny wood yacht. Later when he returns home, he finds Danny and Lacey having sex in their bedroom, and the next day when he calls Danny into his office, he says he can still keep the scholarship if he does not mention the incident with Lacey at all. Al encounters Smails in the club and says he wants to build condos on the site and that warrants a match between  Smails and Al worth $20,000

The next day, the match is held, with Smails and Dr. Beeper against each other, and Ty and Al against each other. Al decides to up the stakes to $40,000 and when he claims an injury, they have to find a substitute, and Ty chooses Danny. Finally Al raises it to $80,000 and when the ball Danny hits goes to the edge of the hole, the judge cheers, thinking he won. All during the match, Carl has been coming up with ways to destroy the gopher and somehow he comes up with the idea of blowing it to kingdom come with dynamite, and almost the entire course is rigged with TNT. And as Danny's ball is on the edge, Carl detonates the TNT and explosions all over the course go, the vibrations causing the ball to drop in, thus Danny winning. Finally the gopher emerges as Kenny Loggin's I'm Allright starts playing.

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