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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

30 Day Movie Challenge, Day 20

Day 20- Movie from your favorite actor/actress

Fave Actor- Jet Li
Fave Actress- Halle Berry
Unleashed(Jet Li)

What this movie is about is a loan shark named Bart(Bob Hoskins) who has a method of persuading guys to pay him by using Danny(Jet Li), a man raised with the mentality and naiveness of a child. The collar around his neck is released when Bart needs to persuade and when that collar comes off, Danny unleashes his deadly martial arts skills and will not stop until told to. But when the collar goes back on, he becomes a shy, withdrawn person, a constant bully victim to his master Bart. One day, Bart comes to the realization that he can stop his loan sharking career and go in to the world of underground fighting. So he registers Danny and if he can win and survive the fights, Bart gets money. But one day, Bart gets injured and runs away to an antique warehouse for shelter, and that's where he first runs into Sam, a kindly piano tuner who's also blind. 2 days later, he wakes up in different clothing and finds himself in the company of the piano tuner and his adopted daughter Victoria in their home. He starts to feel at home with the 2 and Victoria exposes him to music and when he learns from Sam and Victoria what family is, he starts to wonder where and who his mother is. Weeks later, Sam informs Dany about moving back to New York, where they originally are from. They are just staying in London while Victoria attends school. He invites Danny, telling him that they think of him as family now. He happily accepts. But one day, Danny runs into Bart's right hand man Letty and is forced back to Bart. At the underground fighting arena, a deadly match between Danny and martial artists to the death is set. Despite Danny's pleas not to do it, he is shoved into the pit and is practically beaten senseless by 4 fighters. He eventually fights back, but does not kill them. Angry that Danny did not kill them, Bart shoves him back into the cage that is his home. Later that night, he sneaks through his door and goes through photos of prostitutes that Bart likes and finally finds one of who appears to be his mother, playing at the piano. When he starts asking Bart about who his mother was, he simply tells him that his mother was a prostitute who ran away and promises to make Danny pay for the money he lost.

Jut a regular picture of Jet Li, he's sooooooo cute!!!!!!!

A poster promoting the movie

The next morning, he escapes and gets back to Sam and Victoria, telling them what he had learned and where he was.  With the help of Sam and Victoria, he learns his mother was a famous piano player with no money so she offered herself to him to help pay for music lessons and she was shot one day when she defied him, and Bart had been raising him not like a human being, but as a dog ever since.  Bart and a group of thugs arrive to capture Danny, he hides Sam and Victoria in a closet, just like his mother hid him and he goes and takes care of the thugs on the roof and in the building. When he encounters another fighter(Michael Ian Lambert) with skills similar to or greater than his own, he fights, and Danny wins, causing the warrior to fall to his death on a car outside. Finally Bart catches Danny in Sam's apartment, and he threatens to pull the trigger on him, and while telling him that he was never meant for another type of lifestyle. But he drops the gun and instead takes out a collar, trying to call him home, like a dog. He slowly walks towards the collar but stops and disarms Bart. He proceeds to beat Bart senseless, but Sam and Victoria bust out of their hiding place and repeatedly beg Danny not to kill him. However a defeated Bart starts begging Danny to kill him, and starts saying that all Danny will be is an animal, and with that Sam smacks Bart on the head with a flower pot. Some time later, Sam and Danny are back in New York at a piano recital that Victoria will perform at and she dedicates a song for Danny. He sheds a happy tear when he hears Victoria playing a song that his mother played on the piano.


Swordfish(Halle Berry)

What this movie is basically about is a man(John Travolta) is speaking into cameras and walks off, with numerous SWAT team members pointing guns at him, and a nervous man(Hugh Jackman) is nervously following him to reveal a much bigger problem. They walk to a nearby building with armed gunmen and hostages with bombs strapped to them filled with steel ball-bearings. One of the snipers kills one of the gunmen and a hostage is taken away, and the bomb strapped to her blows up, killing her and others and then a flashback from several days before comes on.
Stanley Jobson (Hugh Jackman) is a computer hacker who hacked the FBI's Carnivore program with a severe computer virus and setting it back 2 years. For this crime, he was arrested by Agent Roberts(Don Cheadle), he was convicted of computer crimes and did 2 years in Leavenworth. 1 condition of his parole is that he is forbidden from using or touching a computer. Meanwhile, his ex-wife Melissa (Drea de Matteo) has sole custody over their daughter Holly and a restraining order against him from seeing her. While he is at home in rural Texas, Ginger Knowles (Halle Berry) shows up to ask for his hacking skills for her boss Gabriel Shear (John Travolta). He is apparently Gabriel's last resort for previous hacker Axl Torvalds (Rudolf Martin), a European hacker of high talent who was arrested by airport police. He is later killed before he can say anything. For $100,000, Stanley agrees to meet with Gabriel. Him and Ginger fly to L.A. and meet Gabriel at a nightclub where he pressures Stanley into hacking a government system in 60 seconds while being held at gunpoint by Gabriel's man Marco (Vinnie Jones) and also getting oral sex from a young woman. Gabriel does not tell him until he hacks the system that it was just a test, he succeeds in hacking it, and impressing Gabriel
At Gabriel's house, he offers Stanley $10 million to write a worm that secretly steals money from a secret government slush fund consisting of $9.5 million. He reveals to Stanley that he works for an organization called The Black Cell that was started by J. Edgar Hoover in the 1950s, which is responsible for attacks against terrorists. It is headed by Senator Reisman (Sam Shepard), who has discovered Gabriel and is apt to pull the plug. After Gabriel refuses to stop, Reisman wants Gabriel killed, he tracks down the senator who is in Bend, Oregon fly fishing and kills him. He continues with plans and raids the local branch of WORLDBANC. He takes hostages, straps bombs to them, and releases Stanley's worm. After getting his $9.5  billion, he boards all the hostages and crew on a bus near the bank. He makes demands he wants an plane at the local airport, but he knows it is a distraction. An S-64 Aircrane comes down and lifts the bus and deposits it on the top of a skyscraper. Stanley finds a nearby bazooka and shoots down the helicopter with Gabriel in it. At the morgue, Stanley and Agent Roberts learn the man on the slab is a former  Mossad agent named Gabriel Shear and the "true" Gabriel Shear is alive and well.
The final scene shows Ginger in a bank in Monte Carlo asking for $9.5 billion into an account called SWORDFISH.  And it shows Gabriel and Ginger heading out to sea in a yacht, while a news reel talks about a terrorist dying in an explosion on a yacht and how it was the 3rd successful counter-terrorism strike in many weeks.


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