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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

30 Day Movie Challenge Day 19

I'm skipping a couple days, I don't have anything for movie that disappointed you and wish more people could have seen.
Day 19- Fave Movie Based on a Comic/Book, etc

The Punisher
Bobby Saint and Mickey Duka are at the Tampa, Florida seaport to get a large shipment of weapons from European arms dealer Otto Krieg. When the FBI intervenes, Bobby is killed and Krieg is supposedly killed, but he is actually an FBI agent and former US Army Delta Force soldier Frank Castle. He soon retires and goes to a family reunion in Aguadilla Bay, Puerto Rico. Angry about the death of his younger son Bobby, Tampa Bay crime boss Howard Saint orders a mob hit out on Castle and his family. When Saint's right hand man Quentin Glass shoots him in the chest on the pier, an explosion from a nearby gas tank blows Castle in to the ocean, and he survives the massacre done to his family. He is nursed back to health by a local fishermna named Candelaria. Once recovered, he goes to Tampa Bay and finds an apartment in a tenement building where 3 outcasts named Spacker Dave, Bumpo and Joan live. Castle kidnaps Duka and demands he tell everything. Fearing and hating the Saints, he tells all, and he starts terrorizing Quentin Glass, who he learns is a closeted homosexual and starts tailing Livia, Howard's wife and ruins Saint's money laundering business, and ruins the partnership between Saint and Cuban mobsters the Toro brothers.
When Saint realizes that Castle is still alive, he sends 2 hitmen out to kill him. The first is a guitar player named Harry Heck, who he kills by shooting a ballistic knife into his throat. The 2nd one, 'The Russian', he kills by throwing boiling water on him to blind him and throw him down a set of stairs, breaking his neck. Saint's men arrive, along with Glass, and Joan and Castle hide in an old elevator hidden in the floor of Castle's apartment. Dave and Bumpo are still there and Glass begins interrogating them, by pulling out Spacker Dave's multiple facial piercings with a pair of pliers. He then kills the man Glass assigned to stay and he arranges for things to looks like Livia and Glass are having an affair, Saint being unaware that Glass is gay. Saint stabs Glass in the back at his place because he thinks him and Livia are having an affair and he drives through the Little Cuba neighborhood of Florida and throws his wife Livia over a wall and she falls onto train tracks, breaking her back, and finally getting run over by a train because she was unable to move. Castle finally tracks Saint down, at his nightclub, Saints and Sinners. He kills John Saint by having him hold an 8 pound, trip wire activatd grenade until his arm wears out and it explodes, killing him. He then takes out Howard, by injuring him with a shot in the parking lot, and that's where he reveals how he set up everything. He then grabs Howard's ankle and ties him to a car leading to a lot of cars booby trapped with bombs. After he reaches the lot, bombs start going off and Saint is killed when a flaming car trunk lid falls on to him. And a view from the sky reveals the Punisher's iconic skull. Before he leaves Florida, he leaves most of the money he took from Saint for Joan, Bumpo and Dave, who's home from the hospital.
The final scene shows him standing on the Sunshine Bridge, he says "Those who do evil to others- the killers, rapists, psychos, sadists- will come to know me well. Frank Castle is dead. Call me The Punisher".

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  1. This is good movie I like it. I am a huge Marvel comics fan I have seen almost every Marvel comic there is.