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Friday, September 2, 2011

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Charles Reeves was born on Sept. 2, 1964, in Beirut, Lebanon.
Occupation: Actor
Years Active: 1985-present
His best known roles are that of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Speed, The Matrix and Point Break. And man is he HOT!!!! He is soooooooooooooooo sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Early life
He was born to Patricia Bond, an English costume designer, and Samuel Knowlin, a geologist who was Hawaiian-born, who is of English, Irish, Portugese, Hawaiian and Chinese descent. His father earned his GED while imprisoned for selling heroin at Hilo International Airport. As a child, he moved around the world frequently and had many stepfathers. In 1966, when his parents divorced, they moved to Australia where his mom became a costume designer and then they moved to New York


He began acting at age 9, appearing in a theatre production of Damn Yankees. At 15 he played Mercutio in a stage production of Romeo and Juliet. His first movie was a role in the hockey movie Youngblood, where he played a goalie. In 1989, he starred in Bill and Ted's Excellent adventure, which led to a 1991 sequel Bill and Ted's Excellent Journey, which typecast him as a spaced out teenager. In the movies, he played an airhead named Ted
In 1991, he starred in Point Break, about an FBI agent who has to investigate a series of robberies by a gang called Ex-Presidents because they use masks of former presidents and he believes that the robberies are being done by a group of surfers. In 1992, for that role, he won the Most Desirable Male Award at the MTV Awards. In 1994, he starred in the movie Speed. In that movie, he plays an LA SWAT team member named Jack Traven. He plays a game of cat and mouse with a mad bomber named Howard Payne(Dennis Hopper) who says that he has rigged a bus with a bomb that will detonate if it goes above or below 50 mph, and it will also detonate if he tries to remove passengers. In 1997, he starred alongside Al Pacino in The Devil's Advocate. In that movie, he plays Kevin Lomax, a defense attourney in Gainesville, Florida who is assigned to defend a teacher accused of child molestation. When the victim(Heather Mattarazzo) gets on the stand, he practically destroys her story and gets a not guilty verdict. After the trial, he is approached by a New York law firm, Chadwick &Waters. His new future boss John Milton(Al Pacino) offers him a new place and a bigger salary, not aware that his boss is a real Devil(literally). In 1999, he starred in The Matrix, which wuold forever be one of his best known movies, where he plays a computer programmer named Thomas A. Anderson who goes by the alias Neo.

The Matrix
The Devil's Advocate
Point Break
In 2005, he starred in Constantine, which was supposed to be almost like a sequel to The Devil's Advocate. In 2006, he starred alongside Sandra Bullock again in a romantic movie called The Lake House, which apparently did not do good, but opinions like this come from critics. Everyone has their opinions of movies. People say Ned Kelly with Mick Jagger sucked, but I liked it. See what I mean? Don't ever listen to critics!

The Lake House
This is from Wikipedia. So that way I'm not being told I stole it!! I even have the link for the page up above!!!


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1991Point BreakFBI Special Agent John 'Johnny' UtahMTV Movie Award for Most Desirable Male
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1993Much Ado About NothingDon JohnRazzie Award for Worst Supporting Actor[22]
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Nominated – MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss (shared with Sandra Bullock)
Nominated – MTV Movie Award for Best Male Performance
Nominated – MTV Movie Award for Most Desirable Male
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MTV Movie Award for Best Male Performance
MTV Movie Award for Best Fight (shared with Laurence Fishburne)
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