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Thursday, January 19, 2012

1960s: My Generation, or at least I wish it was.........

I swear I wish I grew up in the decade of the Beatles, of hippies, Woodstock, of where peace and love was how you lived life, and how bellbottoms and tie dye were the "in" fashion. But instead, I was born and raised in the 1990s, where a simple drug addict named Kurt Cobain is made out to be a hero(which he is most certainly NOT!), cellphones, dumb-ass rap music, pathetic grunge music.

Oh to be a teen growing up in the 1960s, it would be eternal happiness.....

1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint

1960 Triumph Herald Saloon

1964-1966 Gordon Keeble

1964 Jaguar XE

1960 Edsel Villager Wagon

1960 Oldmobile F-85 Deluxe

1964 Rambler Classic

1964 Ford Galaxie

1964 Ford Mustang

1964 Austin Mini


  1. Nice blog. As a music lover, then musician and having a studio, keyboards, guitar and so on.... I followed music. It was great in the 60's, and the 70's were also great as much was left over. Even mid 70's music had it's place for the talented artists that made songs for it even into the disco style. As long as I didn't get too much of that.. Then 80's were so creative and amazing. Then the 90's hit and 90 was ok, 91, 92 and about 93 something awful starting happening to the music. Low quality, junk, lots of rap, garbage as you said. Good music still exists, it's just that it happens far less often. Also in 60's,70's the computer era was taken very seriously and it was what it was and for exact reasons. Now (and you may not like hearing this), there are a lot of phony competition to make money. One company, even though I run a studio, that bugs me is apple because their marketing and brainwashing are all phony and way over exaggerated. I've never had a mac help me do anything better etc. Plus it's mostly about style and them talking of the "future" but not so much being it. Kiddies eat them up.

    But they are not better or futuristic etc. So for me to see a sea of poorly trained musicians, mostly 20 to 30, sitting there with macs trying to show the world they know everything about music etc, and hearing lots of poorly made music, is hard to take. At least some of them are super talented. But again, it's not like as often as in the 60's 70's where tons of great songs were on the radio and it was the norm. I also have a theory that quality moves like a pendulum that swings back and forth. I think eventually music quality will improve again. I just don't know when. That said, on your list you have John Lennon. He's one of my favorites, but don't forget that the big thing was to list Lennon's name first on most songs. So the world just figured it was Lennon and the other 3 Beatles. Just remember Paul is also amazingly talented, has just as many amazing songs, and is still alive :-). I figure he doesn't need to be dead to be remembered or appreciated :-).

    Also that's a nice list of cars and other groups, people etc. The 60's had some pretty neat advantages, but I should say that not everything was perfect. The current times also have some advantages too. But I do miss the good of the 60's and all the cool things that were unique to that era.. peace.

  2. Oh, just thought of something. If you go to ebay and search, you can find 60's things. Cameras, radios, clothes, pictures, music, you name it. It might be fun for you. Just a thought...