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Friday, January 13, 2012

Ned Kelly

I know I've done this movie on another post, but for some reason, this movie may be a little odd to some, but I really do adore this movie. Normally I don't go for Westerns, but this is one occasion on which I like Western movies. This is completely different than the new remake that featured Heath Ledger

Ned Kelly
-1970 British-Australian biographical and part musical film about the legendary Irish-Australian outlaw Ned Kelly.
-Directed by Tony Richardson and starred Mick Jagger as the title role. Scottish born Mark McManus played the part of Kelly's friend Joe Byrne.
-Filmed completely in Australia, mainly around Braidwood in New South Wales.

Did You Know?
-While in Australia for the filming of this movie, Mick Jagger wrote the song Brown Sugar on an electric guitar
-The opening scenes were filmed in the Old Melbourne Gaol was the real Ned Kelly was actually imprisoned and on the scaffold where he hung to death.

Mick as Ned Kelly, dressed as a British police officer or constable

Ned Kelly 2003

Mick Jagger as Ned Kelly
Mark McManus as Joe Byrne
Clarissa Kaye as Mrs. Kelly
Ken Goodlet as Supt. Nicholson
Frank Thring as Judge Barry
Bruce Barry as George King
Tony Bazell as Mr. Scott
Allen Bickford as Dan Kelly
Robert Bruning as Sgt. Steele
Alexander Cann as McInnes

    -The descendants of the real Ned Kelly protested Jagger playing Kelly because they thought that a British actor does not need to play this character, even though they were probably completely unaware that Mick Jagger is actually half-Australian from his mother Eva Ensley Mary. Also the Kelly family protested the filming being done in New South Wales instead of Victoria, where the Kellys had lived

    -Jagger's girlfriend at the time, Marianne Faithfull, had come to Australia to play the part of Ned's sister Maggie. She took an overdose of sleeping pills after arriving in Sydney. She was replaced by a then unknown Australian actress named Diane Craig. During the filming, Jagger had injured himself by a backfiring gun. While learning how to fire a 19th century pistol, it backfired on Mick's hand, seriously injuring it. And somehow, most of the clothing for the movie was destroyed in a mysterious fire.

    When you hear him talk in the movie, he has this real deep voice, waaaaaaaay different than when he sings. Both his singing voice and regular talking voice are SEXY!!!!!!!!!!

    -The actual armor that Jagger wore in the movie is now on display at the Queanbeyan City Library in NSW and the initials "MJ" are scratched on the inside. The head piece unfortunately was stolen.

    -According to crew, Ian McKellen was originally supposed to play Kelly, but the producers wanted Mick Jagger.

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