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Thursday, January 26, 2012

My New Home.....

Well, after my dad died, me and my sister, along with my mom, started the long and arduous process of moving things out and over to her place. I hate this, I feel like I'm imposing on her, but I think she really appreciates me and my sis doing the housework for her during the day when we're home and she isn't. I think she appreciates that more than anything. And plus, she says that me and her are her comedic amusement, mainly with what we may say, or something we do.

So here are pictures of my "new home", Delhi Township, right outside of Cincinnati, OH.

The Serpentine Wall near the Ohio River

The Museum Center in Queensgate

Proctor and Gamble, or what me and my sis call it, the Phil and Lil towers. From a cartoon called Rugrats, twins on there called Phil and Lil

Coney Island, the closest waterpark to me!!

Billie's. Local convenient store

St. Dominic Church. Right up the street from me, on Pedretti Ave.

Riverbend Music Center. Not cheap and also the site of a mass accident in the 1970s, 11 fans were trampled to death outside during a Who concert

Music Hall, in a neighborhood called Over the Rhine. AVOID this neighborhood at all costs, crime infested, drug addicts, pimps/prostitutes, you name it!

Cincinnati Underground Railroad Museum

Chili, a Cincy fave

Paul Brown Stadium, where the Cincy Bengals play, football team, they don't win that much, so don't make a big deal about them, most of them are criminals anyway!!

Art Museum in Eden Park

Macy's. I pass this store every morning on my way to school

The Daniel Carter Beard Bridge or what everyone else calls it, the "Big Mac" Bridge, cuz it looks like the hamburger from McDonald's

Monroe, OH. Outlet mall

Local college. College of Mt. St. Joseph.

Cincinnati Public Library

Delhi Middle School

Great American Ballpark, where the Cincy Reds play. Baseball team, also where Paul McCartney played recently

Millenium Hotel downtown

Duek Energy Center. The local convention center

Cincinnati WaterWorks.

My mom's doctor office. Physicians of Good Samaritan Hospital

Scotti's. Italian restaraunt

University of Cincinnati


  1. You are the only person I know in Cincinnati - it looks great (inspite of your unflattering comments! )even the druggie infested area! We have those too here . Ive done some walks on my blog through these area's, I wouldnt have dared if my big policeman hubby hadn't been with me! I'd like to see more of where you live. xxxx

  2. nice images. One correction...Riverbend is not the site of the Who concert tragedy. That was at Riverfront Coliseum, (now called U.S. Bank Arena) several miles from Riverbend, in downtown Cincinnati.