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Friday, January 27, 2012

Yeah, I'm Pathetic, So What?

IDK why, but it seems like alot of the TV I watch anymore is of British ancestry. I'm startin' to wonder just how much my stepdad is rubbing off on me? Because it seems as though he loves and I mean just absolutely adores watching British TV. Well, here are some of the British TV shows I like to watch, mainly because I just wanted to get one more post in today if possible. And besides, anymore it seems like British TV is getting better and better than American TV.

Almost all shows here in the States anymore seem to revolve around rich women acting dramatic on those 'Real Housewives' shows, celebrities doing design shows because they have nothing else better to do, spoiled teen mothers treating their babies like they're a slamming pair of jeans rather than a human life, my God, what has TV come to anymore????? Now I think I know why I watch TV shows from other countries, they're actually good, and less drama and the Brits seems to know just how to make a good, funny show.

And when it comes to music, oh brother!!! I'm the most predictable person alive!!! If you know me like my parents do, you can guess what I'll be listening to, or what kind of books I read. Heck, I'm so predictable it's pathetic!!!

My Family

Mr. Bean

Law and Order: UK. This one I discovered by accident. My dad was watching Primeval on the British channel and this came on after it, so he decided to see what it was like, he said it wasn't bad. but it was definitely different than the Law and Order he's used to, and strangely enough, when I first watched this, I heard the word barrister used, and he didn't know what it was and I just guessed that it probably meant judge or something. Turns out, I was right, basically a barrister is a type of lawyer who can handle both high and low court cases.

Primeval. And I mean the GOOD British one, not the horrible Americanized one!!!!

Top Gear


  1. You are not pathetic. British TV is awesome! My two favorite TV series are Doctor Who and Top Gear. Sean Connery is my second favorite actor. :)


  2. There is an award for you on my blog. :)