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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Gibson vs. Fender

-Currently in Nashville, Tennessee
-Makes guitars and other instruments which sell under a variety of brand names
-Been one of the companies that revolutionized the creation of the acoustic and electric guitar and is known as one of the most iconic guitars, the Gibson Les Paul
-Founded by Orville Gibson, who started out making mandolins in late 1890s.
-Invented archtop guitars using the same carved archtops found on violins, and also made one of the first hollow body electric guitars
-In the 1940s, Gibson Super 400 was invented. In the 1950s, the first Gibson electric guitar was created. In 1952, the most popular choice of guitar was made, the Les Paul.
-In the 1930s, Gibson explored the idea of an electric guitar. In 1936, they introduced their first "Electric Spanish" guitar, the ES-150.
-In 1949, the ES-175 was made.
-In 1958, the Gibson company made the ES-335. This one has a solid center, giving the tone a longer time.
-In 1968, the Les Paul became popular due to it's use by musicians such as Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Peter Green.

Gibson Users
-Billie Joe Armstrong: Green Day. Les Paul Jr.

-Jeff Beck: The Yardbirds. 1954 Les Paul Standard

-John Entwistle: The Who. EB-2 bass

-George Harrison: The Beatles. Les Paul, ES-345TD

-Tommy Iommi: Black Sabbath. black Custom Shop SG, black SG Standard

-Joan Jett: The Blackhearts. white Melody Maker

-Brian Jones: The Rolling Stones. SJ-200, ES-330, Les Paul Goldtop

-Mick Jones: Foreigner. black Les Paul Custom

-Joe Perry: Aerosmith. ES-335, Les Pauls, Flying Vs, Firebirds, Epiphone Les Paul

-Keith Richards: The Rolling Stones. Les Pauls, ES models. Now has an ebony ES-335, white ES-345, ES-350, ES-175D. Hummingbirds are his preferred acoustic guitar

-Slash: Guns N Roses. EDS-1275, Les Paul

-Paul Stanley: KISS. Flying V, Explorer, Les Paul, SG, 1959 Melody Maker

-Ronnie Wood: The Rolling Stones. Firebirds, Les Pauls, J-200 acoustic on stage.

-Commonly called Fender
-Makes stringed instruments and amplifiers, such as solid body electric guitars, including the Stratocaster and Telecaster.
-Headquarters for Fender is in Scottsdale, Arizona.
-Started by Clarence Leonidas "Leo" Fender in 1946

Fender users
-Ritchie Blackmore: Deep Purple. Gibson ES-335, Fender Stratocaster

-Keith Richards: The Rolling Stones. Fender Telecaster

-Bruce Springsteen: The E-Street Band. Fender Telecaster

-Mike Dirnt: Green Day. Fender Standard Precision Bass



Electric Bass
-Precision Bass
-Jazz Bass
-Jaguar Bass
-Bass IV
-Mustang Bass

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