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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Random Random Me!

Just thought I'd make this blog post about just random, off the wall stuff that usually comes to my mind.

Blogging is got to be the easiest thing I've ever done!!!! I love following other people's blogs to see what they like, how they are doing on life in general, and other quirky little things.

I just thought of how easy it is to make friends in college. For some reason, I was able to make friends easier in college than I was in high school. Most of the people I go to college with are older adults, most of them married with kids, boyfriends/girlfriends, etc. And I think I actually surprised them with the kind of music I listen to. They probably were not expecting to meet a 21 year old girl who just adores listening to The Rolling Stones or any of that so-called "older music". But here's the thing about me: I'm not like everyone else; I'm the perpetual purple crayon in a world of gray crayons, I'm the one who stands out in a crowd, I'll be the one wearing a tie-dye shirt, with bell bottoms and flip flops or a pair of jeans, sandals and a rock band shirt. I'm not like most of the people I went to high school with, who change their entire personality at the drop of a hat. You can rest assured that the first time you meet me, I'll be the same throughout.

And just to tell you a lil about moi(me in French, lol) I'm probably the biggest hippie EVER!!!!! I'm probably the only and I mean ONLY Rolling Stones fan that graduated from a high school in 2008, and I'll most likely be the first 21 year old girl who could just proudly say that I find Mick Jagger sexy, even at his current age. Yeah, this may disgust alot and I mean ALOT of people, but the way I look at it this way: Everyone defines beauty in different ways, everyone sees beauty differently.

Following blogs is probably the other easiest thing about this blog thingy. In fact, one of the blogs I'm following is called Heart Shaped, and it is done by a woman named Diane who lives in England, how seriously cool is that? She also loves the movie The Full Monty just like me, awesome!!! This blog has allowed me to meet cool people who live in other parts of the world, like this other blog I'm following, called Summer Baby, she is a student at a London fashion school, although it looks as though she may have discontinued her blog. And this other blog I like alot is called Child of the Sixties, because almost everything on that blog I have heard of or know of.

IDK why, but it seems like late at night I have alot of random thoughts buzzing around. Sometimes they're helpful, sometimes not so much. I know they sure helped alot during my 2 Dimensional Design final project. I had to do a CD cover or movie jacket. I chose CD cover naturally. And somehow I made the teacher start laughing with the artist I chose. He said "Aren't those guys a little old for you?" probably thinking I thought they were cute or something. I chose the Rolling Stones because their music just rocks out.

Somehow, sometimes I'm able to make people laugh with the way I act, what I say or just being my goofy self. Some people would think I had ADHD or something because it seems like my attention span is like a minute. I'll be talking about something and 5 minutes later, I'll be like "Oooh look, a squirrel!" or "Oooh look, a bug!" Or "Wow, look at that weird looking bug!" Believe me, I don't have ADHD, I think I'm just naturally hyper, either that or it's the coffee I have in the morning.

And sometimes, I have the most uncanny ability to say whatever comes off the top of my head, and usually that ends up getting a funny look out of my mom, sister, or stepdad. And when it comes to family, oh brother!!! Have I got the interesting family!!!! My stepdad is a major fan of British rock bands from the 1960s and 1970s, such as David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, The Dave Clark Five, Bad Company, 80s era rock, such as The Clash, YES, and any kind of music, such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Eric Clapton, Peter Frampton, Elton John, Jackson Browne, The Who especially. He loves this band along with Genesis. My sister, God love her, she isn't right, lol. What I mean by this is, she's normal as can be, but sometimes she has huge hormones, she seems to see alot of hot guys when we go somewhere. Like the Fifth Third bank near me where I have to do the weekly routine of getting bus fare, there's a guy there named Dan she has the biggest hots for. And my mom, God love her, she is so stubborn. Don't get me wrong, I love her dearly, but omg, she can be stubborn, and she has somehow managed to transform her kitchen into an Italian kitchen complete with chefs as far as the eye can see, etc. As for my room where I sleep, to give you an idea what it looks like, imagine London 1960s, Far East and tropical all merging. And if you have a clear mental image, then ta-da! That's my room. I swear, no lie, my room looks like a cross between London 1960s because there's a finished Beatles puzzle on the floor by the window, on my closet door there is a poster depicting a Rolling Stone Magazine cover with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards on it, which I found out the other night, almost gave my mom a heart attack. She went in to get something from a small chest of drawers in there and she seen the poster and it scared her to hell and back!!! I can't help it that I have that poster. My dad got it for me 2 years ago for Christmas and on the walls are pictures of tropical locales and Asian locales and on the wall near my bed is a puzzle I finished, which I glued and got framed. It's an Ed Hardy design puzzle, it looks like a tattoo, it's of a Geisha girl with 2 dragons around her, koi fish, and flowers on it, real pretty, and last but not least on my bed is a blanket that my dad got me for Christmas the same year I got the poster, it's depicting the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club album from the Beatles. He knew I liked their music, so that must explain why I got it.

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