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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Kind of Guy

This post was inspired by a post done on the blog Erin's Random Ramblings.

I always wonder what kind of guy is out there waiting for me. LOL, with my luck, my "perfect" guy would end up looking like Keith Richards, lol, but if hey, if he's my "perfect" match, then let it be, as long as he's nice.

I'm not looking for much when it comes to the world of relationships. My main thing is if he's nice, cares about others, and has a little bit of a romantic side, that's an added bonus. I'm not like some of these women out there who set their standards so high no guy can reach them. These women's standards are like Everest high. Mine are kinda like anthill high. I'm not overly demanding. The only things I would look for in a guy is a man who is nice, cares about others and is courteous. As for other stuff, like romantic side, that would be good too, and maybe a man who can cook too. If he can make me laugh, which ain't hard to do to start with, sweet!!!!

When it comes to looks however, I don't care if he looks like Keith Richards at 20 years old, as long as he's nice, courteous, and romantic, score!!!! If he has a heartbeat or pulse, then ok, now we're talking, lmao. So you see my standards for guys is like anthill high, not so hard to do. Pretty darn easy to accomplish. Thank God too, because I would hate to be one of these women who set standards for men so high no man can match them and these women end up dying alone because they set their standards so freakin' high.

And if the man has something in common with me, then that gives us something to start off with. That's how I make friends. I find something in common with me and the other person and that's like our shooting off point to becoming friends. That's how I was able to make friends easier in college than in high school. Alot of the people I go to college with are older adults who are married with kids, have girlfriends/boyfriends, or are just older than me, and most of them like older music, which I guess generally surprises them. I guess they expect young people like me to like rap. Yeah right. The day I start listening to rap is the day Hell freezes over!!! I surprise alot of people, mainly because when it comes to music, I listen to all the music that was around waaaaaaaaaay before my time. Try like 1960s+ before my time. And plus, this blog thing has allowed me to meet interesting people in other parts of the world. Like one blog I'm following is called Heart Shaped, it's done by a woman named Diane who lives in England, how cool is that? And another one I follow is called Just Another Small Town Girl, done by a woman named Beverly Larkin, who I'm friends with on Facebook and also I follow her blog. She's from England too. How cool. This blog has allowed me to vent out frustrating things and just allowed me to be myself, my odd, little, exciting, random self. And sometimes, I put myself into these blogs and somehow I make someone out there laugh, which hey, if I can make someone laugh with the way I act, then I must be doing something right, I think.

And you probably may have noticed that when I do posts that sometimes I branch off onto something else that is not related to the post topic. I swear I think I have the attention span of a gnat, I'll be talking about something for like 5 minutes, and then it'll be like "Oooh look, a squirrel!" or "Ooooh look, a bug." And if you are friends with me on Facebook, you'll probably see me put alot of random thoughts as my status.

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