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Monday, January 9, 2012

Law and Order vs. Law and Order: UK

This post is gonna show how eerily similar Law and Order: UK and regular Law and Order are to each other. Because I've noticed that these 2 shows have alot in common with each other.

Law and Order
-American police drama
-Set and filmed in New York City
-Follows 2 part approach; first half involves investigation of a crime while 2nd half involves the legal action of the Manhattan County Distric Attorney's office.

Mike Logan
-Chris Noth
Phil Cerreta
-Paul Sorvino
Lennie Briscoe
-Jerry Orbach
Rey Curtis
-Benjamin Bratt
Ed Green
-Jesse L. Martin
Nick Falco
-Michael Imperioli
-Arrest me!! Man he's hot!
Kevin Bernard
-Anthony Anderson
Anita Van Buren
-S. Epatha Merkerson
Paul Robinette
-Richard Brooks

Law and Order: UK
-British police drama adapted from the American TV show. This is the first American show to be adapted for British TV
-Based in London, follows Bradley Walsh, Paul Nicholls, Harriet Walter, Dominic Rowan, Freema Agyeman and Peter Davison.

Ronnie Brooks
-Bradley Walsh
-Sr. Det. Sgt

Matt Devlin
-Jamie Bamber
-Jr. Det. Sgt. (murdered)
-He can arrest me ANY day.....
-Awww, why is it every guy that I find cute ends up dying on TV or in movies? My sister says the same thing!!!!

Sam Casey
-Paul Nicholls
-Jr. Det. Sgt.

Natalie Chandler
-Harriet Walter
-Det. Inspector
-She reminds me of a British Olivia Benson from Law and Order: SVU
James Steele
-Ben Daniels
-Senior Crown Prosecutor

Jacob Thorne
-Dominic Rowan
-Senior Crown Prosecutor

Alesha Philips
-Freema Agyeman
-Jr. Crown Prosecutor

George Castle
-Bill Patterson
-Director of CPS London (retired)

Henry Sharpe
-Peter Davison
-Director of CPS London

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