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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Beanie Babies!

Now, if you grew up in the 1990s like I did, you might know what I'm talking about. Beanie Babies are little stuffed animals of different animals or living creatures that people collect. I have an enormous amount of them. All I know is every one of them that has been released is way too cute, and I can't ever resist getting a cute lil Beanie Baby. They're so adorable, I love them way too much! I want to get all of these!!

Bamboo the Panda

Pinata the Bear
Groovy the Bear

I'm gonna get this one for my stepdad, he keeps bugging my mom about him being "The King"

Ants the Aardvark

Stretch the Ostrich

Chipper the Chipmunk

Serenity the Dove

Smoochy the Frog

Nuts the Squirrel. My sister has this one. She loves it so much!

Tank the Armadillo

Socks the Sock Monkey

Snort the Pig

Hamish the West Highland Cow

Aussie the Koala
Stinky the Skunk

Dobie the Doberman

Loosey Goosey
Hissy the Snake

Quackers the Duck

Fridge the Polar Bear
Frosty the Brahma Bull

Speedy the Turtle

Rusty the Red Panda

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