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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Name: Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner
DOB: Oct. 2, 1951
Where: Wallsend, England
Genres: rock, pop, new wave, jazz, new age, blue-eyed soul
Occupations: musician, producer, singer-songwriter
Instruments: vocals, bass guitar, guitar, double bass, keyboards, lute
Years Active: 1971-present

-Best known as the lead singer of The Police

Early Life
-Oldest of 4 kids born to Audrey, a hairdresser and Ernest Matthew Sumner, a milkman and engineer
-When he was young, he would sneak into clubs to see people like Cream and Jimi Hendrix
-Worked as a schoolteacher at St. Paul's First School for 2 years

-In January 1977, moved to London and joined Stuart Copeland and Henry Padovani to form The Police
-Between 1978-1983, they released 5 chart topping albums and won 6 Grammy awards.
-Synchronocity was the last album The Police released together before Sting decided to go solo
-September 1981: Sting makes his first solo appearance. Peformed "Roxanne" "Message in a Bottle". His first solo album was called The Dream of the Blue Turtles and was released in 1985
-On February 11, 2007, he was the intoductory act for the 2007 Grammy Awards, singing "Roxanne".

Personal Life
-Married film producer Trudie Styler on August 20, 1992, they have 4 kids: Bridget Michael, Jake, Eliot Pauline, Giacomo Luke

Sting occasionally has ventured into acting. Film and television roles include:
Sting narrated the American premiere of the musical Yanomamo (1983), by Peter Rose and Anne Conlon, outlining problems that existed in the Amazon rainforest. This was made into a film and later broadcast asSong of the Forest. He also provided the voice of Zarm on the 1990s television show Captain Planet and the Planeteers. In 1989 he starred as Macheath (Mack the Knife) in John Dexter's Broadway production ofThe Threepenny Opera. Sting also appeared as himself in the video game Guitar Hero World Tour.

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