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Friday, February 17, 2012

Game of Elevens

A fellow blogger named Summerbaby came up with this one I think. :D
Here are the rules
1)You must re-post these rules
2) Round One: post eleven random things about yourself
3) Round Two: answer the questions the tagger posed to you in their post
4) Round Three: create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer
5) Tag people and go to their blog and tell them that they've been tagged for the game
Round 2
  1. My mom is so convinced I'm a reincarnated hippie.
  2. I love love love love love to read books
  3. I love all things of the past from the 1940s-now
  4. World history is a fascination of mine
  5. I make friends very easily with older people
  6. I always have the giggles, once I start, I can't stop laughing, and if someone says something funnier, it gets worse!!
  7. My celeb crush is Jamie Bamber from Law and Order: UK. Those baby blues of his win me over!! OMG, he's so gorgeous, and that accent, makin' me melt!!!
  8. I'd lose my marbles if it wasn't for music
  9. In my family, it's down to just me, my mom, stepdad and sis. 
  10. One of my favorite movies is The Full Monty
  11. I'm totally addicted to those Just Dance games for the Wii System
Round 3
1.) When was the last time you said ‘I love you’ and meant it ?
-I said it to my mom before I left for school this morning and yup, I mean it. 

2.) If you had to marry either Charles Dickens or William Shakespeare which one would you marry and why?
-Nah, not really either of them. I'd rather find my prince charming in my own time, he'll probably come.

3.) If you was given the chance to sing for Elvis Presley what would you wear?
-LMAO, my Beatles t-shirt, :D

4.) What do you think the world will be like in 180 years from now? 
-More than likely, if Facebook was not around, people would go insane!! The world would probably collapse in on itself in chaos!

5.) What are your flaws?
-I'm sometimes very opinionated. But thank God I'm fixing that. 

6.) What’s your favourite thing about your friends and why?
-Most of them know they can get me laughing in 5 seconds flat

7.)  Do you  agree with the following, “Love some. Like some, but trust no one” ?

8.) What Celebrity do you think is overrated ?
-OMG, Robert Pattinson. All I ever see anymore is his face from Twilight. Sorry, he's not that great looking. Daniel Radcliffe from Harry Potter beats him by a loooooong shot!

9.)  Do you think pigs will ever be able to fly ? :-p
-IDK, but that would be cute. I love pigs, they're my favorite animal
10.)  Mick Jagger calls you at 3am  in the morning , he is crying , he wants to tell you a very dark secret he has never told anyone before . What do you think it is?
-[rolling on floor laughing until eyes begin watering] You're kidding right?
-"I'm gay", lol!!
-He found out he has another child he didn't know about, lmao!!!!! This dude is drowning in the Estrogen ocean. ROTFLMAO!!!
-Either that, or he found out Keith is coming to his house to kill him for doing a solo career and acting like a big headed airhead!

11.)  How do you feel right this second? Happy? Sad? Angry?
-Happy, yet also hungry

Round 4
  1. If you had to go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
  2. Who's your favorite actor and actress?
  3. When the world ends, what do you think the last surviving species would be?
  4. Movie You could watch repeatedly?
  5. The big one: Dogs or cats or both?
  6. If you had to date anyone, old or young, rich or poor, who?
  7. Favorite thing to do? This can be anything, hobby, interest, etc
  8. If you could see anyone in concert, who?
  9. Where would you love to have your wedding?
  10. Do you believe in true love?
  11. What's a quirky, unique thing about yourself?
Round 5
I nominate:
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