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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Godfather: The Game

The Godfather: The Game
-Action adventure game developed by Electronic Arts.
-2nd video game in the Godfather series and is based upon the 1972 film of the same name.
-Noted for the return of several actors that appeared in the movie, to lend their voices. The actors are James Caan as Sonny Corleone, Robert Duvall as Tom Hagen, John Martino as Paulie Gatto, Abe Vigoda as Salvatore Tessio. And they had to replace some actors, such as Marlon Brando(because of his bad health and late death), John Cazale(due to his death in 1978), Richard Castellano(died in 1988) and Al Pacino(who chose to lend his image to the Scarface: The World is Yours game)
-The game starts in 1936 with a cutscene that shows the death of Johnny Trapani, the father of the main character, Aldo Trapani(the sequel confirmed that this is the name of the character) and the blowing up of the bakery by the Barzini crime family, one of the Corleone's rivals in New York. In the aftermath, Don Vito Corleone(Bill Melien), comforts the child, telling him that when the time is right, he will have his revenge.  The story fast forwards to 1945, at Connie Corleone's wedding. Aldo's mother is asking Don Corleone to look after her young son because he has fallen in with a local gang. Luca Brasi(Terry McGovern/Gary Chalk) is sent to find this young man and teach him the ways and magic of The Mafia. But when he finds him, he sees Aldo getting beaten in an alley. From this point on, Aldo is taken under the caring wing of the Corleone Family and works his way up in the family.

-There are essentially 2 stories going on in the game that eventually intertwine: the first involving the major events of the film(with main character making contributions) and a personal story. In the former, Aldo witnesses Luca Brasi's murder, kills Luca's assassin, plants a gun for Michael to kill Virgil "The Turk" Solozzo and corrupt police captain McCluskey, helps Rocco Lampone put the head of movie director Jack Woltz's prized horse Khartoum in his bed, guards Don Vito Corleone in the hospital, witnesses the death of Sonny Corleone, kills Sonny's murderers, appears at the peace talk between the heads of the Five Families, and eventually kills the 4 other Dons during the baptism scene. He also kills Sal Tessio and Bruno Tattaglia, deaths not seen in the movie. In the other storyline, he befriends and later kills Corleone underman Mary "Monk" Malone because it turns out he was a traitor. He ends up falling in love with his sister Frances "Frankie" Malone. When she is killed, the main character is out for revenge. He kills Don Emilio Barzini as payback for killing his father as well as helping in the murders of the other family leaders.  

-During the tutorial scenes, Aldo's character takes part in avenging the attempted rape and brutal beating of Bonasera's daughter

After the story finishes, Aldo becomes an underboss. After taking over rival family compounds, be becomes the Don of the Corleone Family. Also, Aldo continues to participate in the business of taking over New York, taking warehouses, fighting mob wars and other things.


In the game there are five mafia families that have been adapted from the The Godfather. Each family is distinguished by its members wearing specific color coats as well as a shield bearing the family's first initial in its color with the exception of the Corleones, whose shield bears a rampant lion.
Nicknamed The Five Families, these consist of:
  • The Corleone family – The once-powerful crime Family is based in centralManhattan, in Little Italy, and are troubled by increasingly daring raids by the Tattaglias based in Brooklyn (even though every family has influence in Little Italy). Little Italy has streets of moderately poor local shops run by well-established Families. Their family color is black. In the game, the player meets many members of the Corleone Family, including Vito Corleone,Sonny CorleoneTom HagenMichael CorleoneFredo CorleoneSalvatore TessioPeter Clemenza, Paulie Gatto, Rocco LamponeAl NeriWillie Cicci, Jaggy Jovino, Jimmy DeNunzio, Luca Brasi, the Trojan and Marty "Monk" Malone. The Corleone family members wear black
  • The Barzini family – The Barzini family hails from Midtown, the richest community in New York City, making them the richest and most powerful family in New York City. Their family color is green. The Barzinis are headed by the main antagonist, Don Emilio Barzini, who rules with an iron fist. He ordered the murder of the main character's father, and is rumored to be in control of another New York Family (which is later revealed to be the Tattaglia Family). The Barzinis' consigliere is Domenico Mazza, and theirunderboss is Emillio Barzini Jr. Their three caporegimes are Pietro Testa, Giovanni Armanno and Big Bobby Toro. These guys wear green
  • The Tattaglia family – The Tattaglia family dominates Brooklyn, owning almost every business and racket on the Brooklyn waterfront. The Tattaglia family has a serious rivalry with the Corleone family because of their business expansion into Little Italy, the Corleone's turf. Their family color is tan. Don Philip Tattaglia heads the Tattaglia Family, and his son Bruno is next in line to become Don of the Tattaglia Family. Bruno has an alliance withVirgil "The Turk" Sollozzo. The Tattaglias' consigliere is Freddie Nobile, and their Underbosses are Bruno and Johnny Tattaglia. The Tattaglias' caporegimes are Tony Bianchi, Luigi Fusco and Donnie Marinelli. Under Bianchi are Soldiers Mikey Saleri and Squeegie McNeese. Under Marinelli are Soldiers Luigi Bonetti and Rocky Della Barca. These guys wear tan
  • The Cuneo family – The Cuneo family hails from Hell's Kitchen. The Cuneo family isn't as rich as the other families, owning few rackets and businesses. Their family color is red. Don Carmine Cuneo heads the Cuneo Family. They are ruthless killers, excellent marksmen, and always appear in large groups largely due to the environment of Hell's Kitchen, which is run down and filled with poor communities. The Cuneos' consigliere is Luciano Fabbri, and their Underboss is Marco Cuneo. Their three caporegimes are Ronnie Tosca, Michael Costa, and Mario DeBellis. Red is the color these guys wear
  • The Stracci family – The Stracci family is based in New Jersey. Don Victor Stracci heads the Stracci Family. During daytime the neighborhood looks quite peaceful, with fancy houses and well-groomed parks, but at night, it becomes much more dangerous. The Straccis are the most cruel and vicious family. Their family color is blue. The Straccis' consigliere is Jack Fontana, and their Underboss is Salvatore Stracci. Stracci caporegimes include Oscar Zavarelle and Leon Grossi. These guys wear navy blue

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