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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Destroy All Humans!

Destroy All Humans!
Favorite video game ever! It's funny!!!
-Video game developed by Pandemic Studios, released by THQ.
-Set in the late 1950s, parodies the lifestyles, pop culture and politics of the 1950s. The player controls an alien named Cryptosporidium 137, a member of the alien race known as Furons. These aliens have come to Earth to harvest human DNA to continue cloning of their species. Open world game. Open world games are usually the most fun games to play, because you can run around exploring, you don't have to do missions right at first. In these games, it's hard not to have fun!
-The game begins with a Furon, Cryptosporidium 136, hovering over a launch site with military personnel testing a rocket. The rocket is launched and destroys the ship carrrying Crypto 136 and fatally wounds him. He is captured by the US Army. Some time later, Crypto 137 travels to Earth with another Furon, Orthopox 13. He comes with the intention of rescuing 136, whereas Orthopox wants pure human DNA and human brain stems for study. They land at a rural farm in Kansas called Turnipseed Farm where Orthopox thinks cows are the dominant species. The Majestic agency is dispatched to the Furon presence when Crypto decimates an army brigade passing through the area. Pox, communicating with Crypto through a hologram device, then tells Crypto that the reason he needs human brain DNA is because they contain pure Furon DNA handed down to them by Furon scouts long ago.

-After several missions in the Midwest, Crypto heads to the suburban town of Rockwell and then onto the California suburb of Santa Modesta. That's where Crypto and Pox become more aware of the mysterious Majestic organization. They begin a war with them, by first destroying an Army base called Area 42 with an atomic bomb and killing an air force general named Armquist. Throughout the game, Crypto's various acts are covered by the government and media, which are attributed to freak accidents or Communism.

-The game concludes in Capitol City(supposed to be Washington D.C.) where Crypto kills President Huffman(president Truman) and brutally kills all members of the U.S. Congress. Soon the U.S. government seemingly surrenders to the Furons, where Crypto meets a mysterious figure called Silhouette, leader of Majestic, in front of the Capitol. Crypto then finds out that "he" is actually a "she". She reveals the Roboprez, a towering mech controlled by the brain of President Huffman. Crypto defeats Roboprez in his flying saucer and kills Silhouette in a final battle at the Octagon(parody of the Pentagon). As she dies, she says there are other Majestic divisions in other parts of the world.
-The game ends with Huffman making a televised speech, assuring America is safe despite the recent events were the work of Communists poisoning U.S. water supply, and "Huffman" turns out to Crypto in disguise.


-Cryptosporidium (furon) Cryptosporidium, known as Crypto for short, is the main character in the series. A member of an alien species known as Furons, he is an anti-hero who enjoys wreaking havoc and destroying humanity and he speaks with a very slow and emotionless Texas accent. He is known to have a best friend/ ally personality with Pox, although he does not like to admit it and enjoys pushing his buttons. He is also known to be an alcoholic, tomboy, gambler, smoker and many other personalities of the sort. His name comes from the Cryptosporidium protist. Crypto's commanding officer is Orthopox 13, who usually gives him his missions. Sometimes, Crypto talks with a variety of wise-cracking remarks. Voiced by J. Grant Albrecht and Sean Donnellan (in Big Willy Unleashed).In Japanese version, he is voiced by Kappei Yamaguchi.

Orthopox 13
-Orthopox, known as Pox for short, is Crypto's commanding officer, who gives him his assignments. Pox is an intelligent furon scientist who likes to experiment on the species' DNA, and is the second most senior fleet commander in the entire Furon Navy. Pox is the mastermind behind the expedition to retrieve the furon DNA from Human brain stems. Pox is a brilliant tactician, a canny businessman, and holds his own in chess. However, years of physical neglect has rendered his lower extremities somewhat useless, requiring the use of a cerebro chair, with which he uses to float about, and to help support his massive cranium.[2] Pox also has Cranial Implants on his head, which resemble metallic horns. These could be a sign of Pox's high status in the Furon Armada. Pox's achievements include: Conqueror of Zarkon-5, Hero of the Battle of Tharsis Mons, Winner of the Xanthrax-47 Mental Cruelty Award 6 years running. Having been destroyed at the beginning of Destroy All Humans! 2, Pox's mind has been confined to a HoloPox unit, a furon hologram projector that he developed himself, which he managed to download his conscious into before the mothership exploded and his last words,(WHAT THE???!!!), were Spoken. Though with this unusual handicap Crypto makes many jokes about at Pox's expense about being dead. He remains this way until he obtains a monkey`s body by mistake in Destroy All Humans! 3. Between the times of Destroy All Humans! 2 and Destroy All Humans! 3, Pox opens a new restaurant called Big Willy's. However, it is revealed that Pox has been collecting the dead bodies Crypto leaves lying around and feeding them back to the people as hot dogs in the Big Willy Franchise. By the time of Path of the Furon, Pox is extremely bitter about being confined to his holographic prison and wants to just collect the human DNA and go home so he can receive a new clone body. He is voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz (causing him to sound like Zim from Invader Zim, albeit with an English accent) and by Darryl Kurylo in Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed

Supporting Characters
General Armquist
  • General Armquist (John Cygan): Leader of the American military, who is responsible for the abduction of Cryptosporidium-136 and has a hatred for furons (which he believes are stunted Communists). He walks with a slight limp on his right side and his mannerisms seem to be a parody of those of Joseph McCarthy or General MacArthur. He fights with Crypto in a giant cyborg suit and is defeated, then killed by Crypto using his Disintegrator Ray. Armquist is later mentioned during an odd job in Destroy All Humans! 2.
  • Silhouette (Nika Futterman): The main antagonist of Destroy All Humans!. She is a shadowy masked figure who seems to be leading Majestic against the furons. Not much is known about her, only that Silhouette is a female sexist who wants to dominate the world. She is also very agile, which is shown in the opening cutscene of the final level and during the final boss battle. Crypto manages to kill her, then uses one of his feet to stomp on her face. She is later mentioned during the Albion segment of Destroy All Humans! 2.
  • Bert Wither (Jim Ward): Respected American radio newscaster, used by the furons because of the influence he has over people. With Orthopox tracking his broadcasts throughout the game, he also serves as an informant of sorts. Seems to be based loosely on Edward R. Murrow.
-Set in the late 1950s
-Has 6 settings. Turnipseed Farm is a midwestern farming community, Rockwell(North Dakota town), Santa Modesta(parody of Santa Monica), Area 42(parody of Area 51), Union Town(Eastern industrial city, like Pittsburgh), Capitol city(parody of Washington D.C.)
Santa Modesta

-Also Crypto has weapons. The Anal Probe allows Crypto to remove a person's brain through their behind, the Zap-O-Matic uses electricity to fry a victim, the Disintegrator Ray, turning a victim to ashes, Ion Detonator, equivalent of a grenade launcher. The saucer also has weapons, such as The Death Ray, capable of melting anything, the Sonic Boom, destroying anything with a blast of sound, the Quantum Deconstructor, capable of flattening anything with the power of 10 atomic bombs.

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