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Monday, February 13, 2012

What a Girl Wants

This is one of my biggest favorite movies EVER!!!!

What a Girl Wants
-2003 movie starring Amanda Bynes, Colin Firth, Kelly Preston, and Oliver James
Did You Know?
-The boy who plays Ian, Oliver James, is a drummer in the movie and a drummer in real life

-Daphne Reynolds(Amanda Bynes), a young American girl, has a style all her own. She lives with her uncoventional, but loving Bohemian mother Libby(Kelly Preston) above a Chinese restuarant in New York. She dreams of one day meeting the father she never knew, the man Libby loved long ago. Bound and determined to find him, she does a little internet research and discover's that his aristocratic family found her and her mother unsuitable. So on an impulse, she gets on a flight to London, where she finds her father is a high profile politician named Lord Henry Dashwood(Colin Firth), who has controversially renounced his place in the royal succession to run for the House of Commons. Henry opens his life and social calendar to the daughter he never knew he had, but Daphne's appearance in his society creates a rift that threatens to undermine his career.

-Not wanting to cause trouble, Daphne stifles her vibrant personality, refashions herself as a proper debutante and plunges in to proper British society. Bur when Henry's support, she does not get any help from his conniving fiancee or jealous daughter, who are bent on ruining everything for Daphne. With the help of a society savvy, charming local musician named Ian(Oliver James), Daphne proves that love can truly conquer all. But she soon realizes that she does not like the person she is becoming. As much as she wants to reconnect with her father, she realizes it's not worth it if she can't be herself. Though mostly through interferences from Henry's fiancee during the debutante ball, when she cruelly locks Daphne in a room during the father-daughter dance, she goes back home but not Henry, not before finding Libby's banishment was a plot, created by his fiancee's politically ambitious father. He realizes how much he loves Daphne and goes to find her. He brings Ian with him. The film ends with Daphne's mother officially getting married to Daphne's father. Ian becomes Daphne's boyfriend and she goes to Oxford University so she can be near him.


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