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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

True Crime: Streets of LA

True Crime: Streets of LA
-Action adventure video game. Allows you to do role playing.
-Created by Luxoflux Games.

-In this open world game, this game focuses on the other side of the law.
-You play as Det. Nick Kang, a Chinese-American member of the LAPD who has problems with keeping out of trouble with the LAPD

Did You Know?
-Throughout the city of LA there are billboards advertising the release of a True Crime movie coming out in the fall of 2005. That's when the True Crime: New York City game came out

-In the final fight between Kang and Han Yu Kim is a tribute to Jet Li's Cradle 2 the Grave. Both fights had the good guy and bad guy fighting amidst a circle of fire from airplane wreckage.

-The player assumes the role of Nick Kang, a Chinese American detective and living nightmare of every officer on the LAPD because of his unorthodox police procedures and destructive talents of catching criminals. The game starts out showing Kang returning to LA after an extended leave. He goes to the shooting range to practice his 2 fist shooting techniques. That's when the Chief of the E.O.D (Elite Operations Division), Wanda Parks, walks in. She asks Nick to come back and help them in the solving of a rash of bombings of local Chinatown businesses. At first, they seem unrelated, but further investigation reveals that it is the work of the Chinese Triad groups. At first Nick is uninterested. Parks asks him to reconsider. He agrees on only one condition: he do it his way.

-Kang is partnered with Rosie Velasquez. When Nick teasingly remarks how she's a "good girl", she responds that, before saying goodbye, "she ran with more than a few Latino gangs before becoming a detective." Rosie is hesitant to do this because of rumors she heard about him. The case becomes personal for Nick. That's when the player learns that Henry Wilson was an excellent police officer who was involved in a drug operation in the 1970s. One day he disappeared without a trace. Soon, Internal Affairs found a stash of cocaine in his locker and it brought his work into question. Nick refuses to believe this.

-Rosie learns of Nick's history, when his mother died, and father disappeared, that him and his younger brother Cary went to Hong Kong to stay with family. Nick became hungry for revenge while solving another case. His work got more reckless as time went on and he used the surname "Kang" when his dad Wilson died. As Nick investigates, he faces Triad guys, Rocky(member of the Russian Mafia), and a general named Han Yu Kim(Korean People's Army)

Nicholas "Nick" Kang-Wilson: Although he was recently suspended indefinitely from the police force due to repeated incidents of excessive brutality, property damage, and refusing to follow orders, Nicholas Kang (Wilson) was recruited into the E.O.D. as the group's first field agent. The same over-the-line methods that got him thrown off the force enable him to succeed at the E.O.D.. Nick Kang's skills in martial arts are only matched by his ability to expertly wield firearms and drive like a professional stuntman. Voiced by Russell Wong
Rosie Velasco: An ex-gangbanger turned straight, Rosie Velasco is determined to prove herself worthy of her badge; unfortunately, she's just been partnered with Nick Kang, and isn't too happy about hitting the streets with a loose cannon. Nick isn't too happy about it either, but when their first meeting together concludes with her being wounded in a shootout, she winds up behind a desk working intel for the rest of the case. Voiced by Michelle Rodriguez

Chief Wanda Parks: Wanda Parks is the Chief Detective of the LAPD, as well as head of the Elite Operations Division, with jurisdiction over the entire City of Angels. She has two decades of law enforcement experience and is one of the most well respected officers in the LAPD. Parks puts up with Nick's brash and over-the-top nature because she knows when all hell breaks loose, Nick is the only man who consistently delivers.

George: An old friend of Henry's, and a father figure and mentor to Nick. He reveals the backstory of the Wilson family to Rosie, and serves as a narrator at the beginning and end of Nick's quest. Voice of Christopher Walken.

FBI Agent Masterson: He is called on the scene to oversee the case that the EOD is working on throughout the game. He doesn't like working with the EOD, especially because of Nick. voiced by Gary Oldman

Han Yu Kim: A General from North Korea, seeking to strengthen his country's position in the world scene through illegal means. To this end, he is working with Rocky and his Mafia connections, as well as the Chinese Triads. He is seen in all three endings, and fought as the last boss in two; his ultimate goals are only revealed in the true ending, however. The character's image is based on Kim Jong Il.

Cary (Kang) Wilson: Nick's little brother, owner of a vast chain of 24-hour dojos throughout the city, where Nick can improve his fighting ability. Nick is very protective of his younger brother who, for his father's sake, he has vowed to defend with his life.

Bad Ending: Nick faces off with Han Yu Kim at the top of a high-rise bank, after shooting his way through the General's mercenaries. If Nick loses the final fight, he is thrown off the building and only wakes up in time to realize his fate, as the General escapes. If Nick wins, it is the General who falls off from the building before Nick receives any information from him.

Good Ending: After battling through Ancient Wu's trials, the truth is revealed: Rocky was formerly a plant by the KGB, who quickly turned criminal when given the opportunity, along with Rafferty, Henry's former partner. Kang tracks the two to the Santa Monica airport, but is surprised by Jill and knocked unconscious. Coming to, Rocky reveals the rest of the story: when Henry refused to be turned by Rocky or Rafferty, Rocky shot him in the head and dumped his body in the ocean. Rocky prepares to kill Nick, but Rafferty takes the bullet. Rocky dies after Nick blows up his jet. The General arrives and explains that the Russians stole their money and must deal with loose ends. If Nick loses, the General escapes and Nick either passes out or dies from his injuries just as the police arrive. If Nick wins the fight, the General is killed just as the police arrive.

Average Ending: Cary is dead, Rosie is kidnapped by Rocky, who forces Nick to drive an armored car full of counterfeit money to the Chinatown Plaza, in exchange for her life. After being ambushed and killing the General's men, Rocky and Nick have a final fight. If Nick loses, he dies and Rocky escapes. If Nick wins, Rocky surprises him and is about to stab him to death, when he is shot down by Rosie. Earlier, he had taunted Nick about knowing the truth about his father; however, the secret died with him.

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