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Monday, February 13, 2012

Vanity Fair Magazine

Vanity Fair Magazine

-Magazine of pop culture, fashion, current affairs published by Conde Nast
-Been running since 1983, and there are 4 European editions of it.

-Some of the photographers include Annie Leibovitz, Mario Testino
Bruce Weber, Herb Ritts

Hollywood Issue


1st/April 1995: Class of 2000. These years had covers with:
-Angela Bassett
-Sandra Bullock
-Nicole Kidman
-Jennifer Jason Leigh

2nd/April 1997: The Next Wave.
-Cameron Diaz
-Kate Winslet
-Jennifer Lopez
-Jada Pinkett

4th/April: The Hot Next Wave
-Vince Vaughn
-Djimon Honsou
-Natalie Portman
-Rufus Sewell

5th/April 1999: New Kids on the Block
-Adrien Brody
-Thandie Newton
-Leelee Sobieski
-Reese Witherspoon


6th/April: Splender in Grass
-Selma Blair

7th/April 2001: Master Class
-Vanessa Redgrave
-Kate Winslet
-Cate Blanchett

8th/April 2003: Rhapsody in Blue
-Rachel Weisz

9th/April 2003: Alpha List
-Jude Law
-Hugh Grant
-Harrison Ford

10th/April 2004: Send in the Gowns
-Lucy Liu
-Diane Lane
-Salma Hayek

11th/March 2005: Not So Desperate Housewives
-Ziyi Zhang
-Kerry Washington

12th/March 2006: Ford's Foundation
-Keira Knightley

13th/March 2007: Men in Black
-Chris Rock

14th/March 2008: Fresh Faces in Hollywood
-Emily Blunt
-Alice Braga

15th/March 2009: Something Just Clicked
-Meryl Streep
-Sean Penn
-Mickey Rourke
-Dev Patel


16th/March 2010: It's Showtime
-Evan Rachel Wood
-Mia Wasikowska
-Amanda Seyfried

17th/March 2011: Black Tie and Tales
-James Franco
-Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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