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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Different Phobias

-Basically to be considered a phobia, the thing you fear must be big enough to interrupt every day life. Because if not, it's just a fear.

Here are some different types of phobias.

Ablutophobia- fear of bathing, washing, cleaning
Achluophobia- fear of darkness
Acrophobia- fear of heights
Agoraphobia- fear of leaving a safe place
Agraphobia- fear of sexual contact
Agrizoophobia- fear of wild animals
Agryophobia- fear of crossing the road
Aichmophobia- fear of sharp, pointed objects
Ailurophobia- fear of cats
Androphobia- fear of men
Anthrophobia- fear of flowers
Aquaphobia- fear of water
Anthropophobia- fear of people or company of people
Arachnaphobia-fear of spiders
Astraphobia- fear of thunder, lightning
Autophobia- fear of being alone, isolated
Aviophobia- fear of flying

Chaetophobia- fear of hair
Chiroptophobia- fear of bats
Claustrophobia- fear of enclosed spacesd
Coulrophobia- fear of clowns

Dentophobia- fear of dentists

Emetophobia- fear of vomiting
Erotophobia- fear of sexual love or sexual abuse
Ebulliophobia- fear of bubbles

Gamophobia- fear of marriage or commitment
Gelotophobia- fear of being laughed at
Gephyrophobia- fear of bridges
Gymnophobia- fear of nudity
Gynophobia- fear of women

Homophobia- fear of homosexuals aka homophobic
Hydrophobia- fear of water
Hylophobia- fear of trees, woods, forests
Hypnophobia- fear of sleep
Hemophobia- fear of blood

Icthyophobia- fear of fish

Mysophobia- fear of dirt, germs, contamination

Necrophobia- fear of death
Nosocomephobia- fear of hospitals
Nosophobia- fear of contracting a disease

Ocholophobia- fear of crowds
Ombrophobia- fear of rain

Parasitophobia- fear of parasites

Seismophobia- fear of earthquakes
Spectrophobia- fear of gohsts, phantoms
Stygiophobia- fear of Hell

Thermophobia- fear of heat
Thanatophobia- fear of death
Tokophobia- fear of childbirth, pregnancy

Animal Phobias

Apiphobia- fear of bees
Cynophobia- fear of dogs
Mottephobia- fear of butterflies
Ornithophobia- fear of birds

Prejudices and Discriminations

Anglophobia- fear of/dislike of England or English culture
Biphobia- fear of/dislike of bisexuals
Sinophobia- fear of/dislike of Chinese
Pedophobia- fear of/dislike of children
Nipponophobia- fear of/dislike of Japanese
Judeophobia- fear of/dislike of Jews

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  1. I don't think I have any of those. Except I have the opposite of Anglophobia! LOL