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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Hometown: Bellevue, Ky

Here are some pictures of my hometown. Bellevue, a small town in the state of Kentucky.

Post office

My old high school

Local pizza parlor, Pasqualie's

The Daniel Carter Beard Bridge or what everyone else calls it "The Big Mac Bridge"

St. Anthony's Church

Marianne Theatre

Miller's Fill Inn, local bar

Medical Arts building

Weller-Haus B&B

Fairfield Avenue

Divine Mercy Parish. My old church. Where my dad's funeral was recently

My aunt's old apartment building

The entrance to Bellevue Beach Park, only it was a park and there was no beach!

Virgil's. A fine eating place, if u can afford it!


  1. Ya high school looks well good ha-ha :-) mine had no character at all, it looked like a Lego set lol

    I’m not religious but I do love the architecture of church’s, the one near me has been standing since the 12th Century and that alone I think is amazing. Your hometown church looks beautiful, what’s the inside like? and I’m sorry to hear about your dad .xx

  2. Love these photos - it looks like the town in "Back to the Future" x